Who are playing online games and online casino games in today’s China?

Posted by Grace Feng on December 11, 2013

Who are playing online games and online casino games in today's China?Games in the form of PC games had been widely accepted in China for decades. Online games also have exploding market in China that did make some gaming entrepreneurs to be ranked high up on Hurun(胡润) China Rich List. Although gambling games such as online casino games are still illegal in China, they do exist in varied forms.

Lately, a research online reveals that Chinese online gaming population, with the majority born after 90’s, can be devided into five groups. I’ll walk you through all five groups to help you understand why they are labelled that way.

Group one: 自我超越族 zìwǒ chāoyuè zú [16.40%]

This group of people like challenges. “超越 chāoyuè (exceed) 自我 zìwǒ (oneself)” is their motto: to become a better and stronger person by challenging themselves with the hardest tasks on earth. By advancing themselves in their games level by level, they feel the ultimate joy of success.

Group two: 战略战术族 zhànlüè zhànshù zú [25.51%]

This group of people are craving to be the master mind of everything. They range from geeks to future generals in the army. They are smart people with good patience. But sometimes they mess up the 战略 zhànlüè (strategy) and 战术 zhànshù (tactics) in games with those in real life.

Group three: 冒险刺激族 màoxiǎn cìjī zú [19.13%]

冒险 màoxiǎn (adventure) and 刺激 cìjī (thrill) usually are loved by brave souls, or, weird souls in some cases. :-) Safe and quiet life bores them to tears. Games are a superb way to get them onto a roller coaster of thrilling adventures.

Group four: 乐群积聚族 lè qún jījù zú [19.63%]

This type of players long for the sense of belonging. They are usually quite social, or trying hard to be. They are dread of loneliness. They enjoy community life and parties. Multi-player games bring the top excitement to them. That’s why they are called 乐 lè (like) 群积聚 lè qún jījù (community).

Group five: 主导控制族 zhǔdǎo kòngzhì zú [19.33%]

This type of players have the inclination to become control freaks. Hopefully most of them won’t go that far. :-) But to take everything under control (主导控制 zhǔdǎo kòngzhì) is always the most urgent matter for them. They’re dreaming of becoming leaders of their own communities. In games, their dreams come true.

Do you play games? Then which group you think you belong to?


Ref: games.qq.com


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