What’s for tonight: Suspense Movie “门” + Learn Mandarin!

Posted by Grace Feng on May 2, 2012

What's for tonight: Suspense Movie "门" + Learn Mandarin! Does anybody love suspense movie? Ever watched one in Chinese? Let’s try one tonight – “门 mén (The door)“.

I do love the recipe of learning + movie, don’t you? There are not too many dialogue switching between roles in the movie. The story line mainly follows one man’s voice. That might can save a bit of processing time for your facial sensors and brain towards the input. There is big Chinese caption, quiet picture, not many roles to remember, and the most important reason that I picked it for you to watch – clear and medium speed Mandarin!

It was said that ‘The Door’ is China’s first domestically produced horror movie, I’m not 100% sure on this. But that’s not important, the more importance thing is the director of the movie is the only female director in China’s post-Cultural ‘Fifth Generation’ – 李少红 lǐ shǎo hóng. I’ve seen her other movies. Quality is guaranteed.

The story centers on a young intellectual’s ominous journey to find his lost girlfriend and the truth behind the breakup. I don’t want to reveal more than that. I believe you’ll be able to figure out with your pair of eyes and ears, and most important of all, your stock of Chinese brain cells. ;-)

Enjoy, my friends!

Feel free to feed back in your comment when you’re done, thanks…


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