What are the common Chinese expressions you can use to say “Are you serious?” ?

Posted by Grace Feng on May 7, 2013

What are the common Chinese expressions you can use to say "Are you serious?" ?“Are you serious?” is a very common expression in English. It is similar to ask, “No kidding?”, “For real?” etc. 

In spoken Chinese, this expression is also very common. As you’ve guessed out, there are various ways to express “Are you serious?” in Chinese. I’ll list a few frequently used Chinese expressions to say it in this post. Hope you can apply them to your real life conversations in Chinese. If you know any other ways to say it, please don’t be shy to share. :-)


nǐ shì shuō zhēn de?



nǐ shuō de shì shíhuà?




nǐ dāngzhēn?



zhēn de jiǎde?



nǐ méi kāiwánxiào?



nǐ shì rènzhēn de?



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