Vocabulary is your foundation to gain success in your Chinese language learning. I suggest you focus on building your vocabulary from day one. Make an effort to learn and memorize Chinese characters on a daily basis for the first couple of months. Once you’ve learned about 1000 characters, you’ll be able to feel comfortable reading simple Chinese articles.

On this “Learn Chinese online FREE” blog, Chinese characters and words will be deliberately organized into groups that share certain similarities. I’ll do my best to group them in a way that they can be memorized easily and fast.

The methodology I will use to group characters includes grouping by sound, by radical, by meaning, or by a combination of all. I’m aiming at covering all 3500 frequently used characters eventually. But I’ll deliver the first 2000 high frequency characters. So you will feel comfortable in extending your reading and speaking practice to a considerably wide range.

I strongly recommend you to set aside portion of your time each day to memorize some characters. If you’re persistent, for 5 characters per day, you can learn the first 2000 in a year; at 10 characters per day, you can learn the first 2000 in half an year.

Under this column, you’ll be guided on how to memorize them fast. If you want to learn and memorize 50 per day, it is even possible. And I’ll be proud of you for sure!

I still remember the day I memorized 350 brand new English words 15 years ago (preparing for my GRE test). I reviewed them for half an hour each day for the next 6 days. In the end of that week. I was able to spell all of them without any mistake. I have no better memory than anyone else. If I can do it, you can too!


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