Using Chinese to write blogs and make video programs – live example: An American and An Italian in Shanghai [王吉姆的夜上海]

Posted by Grace Feng on December 27, 2012

I’ve mentioned in “The best way to turn your Chinese learning into active knowledge – writing a journal!” that writing Chinese and using Chinese in every possible way is the fastest way to improve your language skills. If you can put your new language into practical use with meaningful goals, then you’ve got the best motivation for your language study. In this post, I’ll introduce you to two mandarin speakers in Shanghai, China that came from aboard: Jim from the US and Umberto from Italy.

Jim has a blog that he writes in Chinese. I checked quite a few articles he wrote (there are about 38 posts in total now). His topics cover both his life experience in China (mainly Shanghai) and also his thoughts and views on China and the world. His writing is very good. I seldom spot any grammar errors. He can use various expressions to express his ideas freely and clearly. His writing level is about intermediate to advanced. It’s definitely an interesting read:

王吉姆的博客 wáng jí mǔ de bókè (Jim’s blog)

Jim and his Italian friend Umberto, who was also learning Chinese in China, started a video series about Shanghai in Chinese. They called it “王吉姆的夜上海 wáng jí mǔ de yè Shàng Hǎi“. I’ll feature the fourth in the series here (“我眼中的中国 wǒ yǎnzhōng de Zhōngguó“) since this one is a speech in Chinese given by Jim in a Chinese speech competition. I really like his theme line: 真正的中国不在博物馆, 而在街上 zhēnzhèng de Zhōngguó bù zài bówùguǎn, ér zài jiēshang. (True China is on the street instead of in the museum.):

You can view the other three interesting episodes here:


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