Use Chinese expression 要什么,没什么 to describe a popular internet slang: 屌丝

Posted by Grace Feng on May 16, 2013

Use Chinese expression 要什么,没什么 to describe a popular internet slang: 屌丝

In previous post, I introduced Chinese expression 怕什么, 来什么. In this post, you’ll meet a very similar phrase: 要什么,没什么 yào shénme, méishénme. See if you can guess out the meaning of this phrase now?

As a matter of fact, 要什么,没什么 yào shénme, méishénme is a good description for another popular internet slang: 屌丝 diǎosī. We can have a look at 屌丝 diǎosī first.

Maybe most of you already know the popular slang 屌丝 diǎosī was invented last year on the Internet and spread across the net at a amazing speed as fast as a virus. I don’t know how many Chinese dictionary apps were prepared for this, at least the Chinese input app on my playbook still can’t find character 屌 diǎo since it’s rather remote. In the picture on right, that exact word appeared in Times Square in New York on an ad bulletin.

In essence, 屌丝 diǎosī refers to people that “Unlike their upper-class contemporaries, they lack influential families, useful social networks for their careers, and most importantly, suitable women to marry。” Do you know that you can use another Chinese expression to describe the situation of 屌丝 diǎosī?

If we say, 他要什么,没什么 tā yào shénme, méishénme。That means he has nothing presentable. If it is used in a matchmaker’s talk, this sentence can be translated this way, “He has no advantage at all to impress a girl.”

If it is discussed in job hunting, then it can be interpreted as “He has nothing strong enough to meet the job requirement.”

Now I’ll show you two examples,


tā yào shénme, méishénme, zěnme qù hé biéren jìngzhēng?

他要什么,没什么, 怎么去和别人竞争?

He’s not good at anything, how could he compete with the others?


tā rènwéi lái miànshì de nàgèrén yào shénme, méishénme, gēnběn bùhé tiáojiàn.

他认为来面试的那个人要什么, 没什么, 根本不合条件.

He thought the interviewee had nothing to offer, didn’t meet the basic requirement.


Now it’s practice time. Please try to use both 要什么,没什么 yào shénme, méishénme and 屌丝 diǎosī to make some sentences.


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4 Responses to “Use Chinese expression 要什么,没什么 to describe a popular internet slang: 屌丝”

  1. nothing


    05-16-2013 8:55 pm

    i thought that 屌 meant penis ?

    furthermore can you please tell me if my sentence structure is good here.
    im attracted by this type of woman :
    我被这样式的女人就吸引 了
    *note that i used two different words for type, which one suits more ?
    btw i just came across a video saying that 以为, is not just ” to believe” but rather carries an undertone that this belief is in fact false. is that true ?


    • nothing

      Grace Feng:

      05-17-2013 4:08 am


      Honestly I didn’t know the origin of character 屌 is “that”. Now I look it up and yes it is. As for why “屌” and “丝” got placed together to become a new word of that meaning, that’s beyond my intelligence. :-)

      Both 样式 and 试样 are mostly used to describe the style or pattern of clothes or fabric. Don’t use them on people. Use 类型 instead. So your sentence can be translated into:


      Or, 这类型的女人很吸引我.

      ->”我被这样式的女人就吸引了” – “就” there is a grammar mistake

      ->”以为, is not just ” to believe” but rather carries an undertone that this belief is in fact false. is that true ?”




      • nothing


        05-17-2013 9:04 pm

        ah thanks ! then judging by the sentence structure i made up, and the version you corrected..im no more that far of constructing correct sentences :-D

        我还不告诉你, 在7月,我来中国 !! 从1月,我决定无论什么努力的学习,如果我真的要实现语言流畅,必需在中国的经过时间,于是我准备一个旅行。一个星期在上海,4天在武汉,和3天在南京。。怎么样?我急着参加南京纪念馆 ,东方明珠塔 和 很多很多衣服的血拼 !!我预订的酒店都跟城市中心狠附近。。你有条建议给我?好地方?


        • nothing

          Grace Feng:

          05-21-2013 4:30 am

          Hi kaviche,

          Sorry for the late reply, I just came back from a long weekend trip.

          Judging by the spirit you got in learning Chinese, I don’t think you’re that far from grasping good Chinese. :-)

          看到你的两星期中国旅行计划, 真为你高兴!不过你去的这几个城市(上海, 武汉, 南京)在七月份都好热,一定要做好防暑准备啊!

          最近这几年我都没有去过这几个城市, 所以没法给你亲身建议. 不过如果你还没有的话, 可以到下面这个网站下载 Shanghai Tour Guide (in Chinese):


          Or here is a more rich and detailed guide in Chinese:

          search for “游多多官方系列攻略—上海” in google, the first link is the link to the pdf file.

          Right click “上海攻略 下载PDF” and save the pdf file. There are a public transit map (in both Chinese and English, but font is too small) and main attractions list with directions.



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