Top Chinese slang in 2013 – 不作死就不会死 no zuo no die

Posted by Grace Feng on August 28, 2014


IMG_0939.PNGPeople say we are living in the age of absurdity. China, as an example, is right in the duration of rapid changes in economy, people’s mentality is busy adapting to the reality. However, while people have more freedom to choose how to adapt themselves, they have better chance to do stupid things.

For “obviously stupid” things, some people still choose to do in order to obtain popularity or get more exposure. By doing those “stupid things”, they were “punished” by their own consequence, sometimes at the cost of their life. For these type of news, people like to comment as 不作死就不会死 bù zuōsǐ jiù bùhuì sǐ, or “no zuo no die”. That was voted as one of the top Chinese slang in 2013.

作死 zuōsǐ means 找死 zhǎosǐ (seek death). Whoever giving this type of comment shows no sympathy to the people in trouble. They think the trouble or misfortune serve them right.

You can also abbreviate this slang as 不作不死 bù zuō bù sǐ. The best places to see the slang in action are the comment area of online news portal or forums.

Let me know if you saw it being used anywhere. Are you yourself using it already? Do you know any English expression that has similar meaning?



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2 Responses to “Top Chinese slang in 2013 – 不作死就不会死 no zuo no die”

  1. nothing


    10-13-2014 5:07 am

    While there’s not really a direct English translation, the phrases “serves them right” and “they had it coming” pretty much embody the meaning of 不作不死.


    • nothing

      Grace Feng:

      10-13-2014 9:03 pm

      Thank you David for sharing the better English translation for this phrase! :-)



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