The motto of a perfectionist – Chinese idiom 精益求精

Posted by Grace Feng on March 28, 2012

The motto of a perfectionist - Chinese idiom 精益求精Any one here is a perfectionist? Today we’ll learn a Chinese idiom that speaks the kind of attitude that a perfectionist would have towards anything he or she does. Literally Chinese idiom 精益求精 jīng yì qiú jīng means to improve on already good enough accomplishment. 精 jīng means “perfect”, 益 yì means “more”, 求精 qiú jīng means “improve on perfection”.

It is actually a quite positive word. It is always used on people that are not satisfied with the accomplishment they’ve got, and want to do more and better. For your Chinese study, you should too, don’t you? :-)

Sometimes, the usage of 精益求精 jīng yì qiú jīng could also imply the intention to go extreme, which is not encouraged.

Now I’ll show you how to use it in real life sentences …


zài yánfā de guòchéng zhōng, zhǐyǒu jīngyìqiújīng cáinéng qǔdé tūpò xìng de chéngguǒ. 

在研发的过程中, 只有精益求精才能取得突破性的成果.

In the process of research and development, break-through result can only be achieved via continual pursuit of perfectionism.

[mp3j track=”jing-yi-qiu-jing-e1.mp3″]


tā zuòshì de tàidu guòyú jīngyìqiújīng.


His attitude towards his work is overly perfectionism.

[mp3j track=”jing-yi-qiu-jing-e2.mp3″]


What is your attitude towards your own business, 精益求精? Or more leisure. Feel free to leave your practice on this idiom in the comment area.

Have yourself a peaceful night!


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