Test your Chinese in a fun contest and join the Ninchallenge Tournament!

Posted by Grace Feng on July 19, 2015

Test your Chinese in a fun contest and join the Ninchallenge Tournament!Hi my dear readers, if you’re interested in testing your Chinese in a fun contest with the rest of the world, here is a free opportunity from NinChinese. If you’re really good, you might get cool prize:

We’re launching a friendly and competitive event from July 13 to July 26 over the knowledge of Chinese: a Ninchallenge Tournament!

The Ninchallenge Tournament will be a two-week long tournament where Chinese learners play battles – called Ninchallenges – against other Chinese learners over their knowledge of Chinese vocabulary.  Through the Ninchallenge Tournament, our goal is to offer Chinese learners a fun atmosphere in which:
* they can practice their Chinese vocabulary
* discover new words
* play with other Chinese learners
* demonstrate their Chinese skills and win cool prizes.

This is the very first Ninchallenge Tournament we at Ninchanese organize. We’re launching it to support our Kickstarter campaign (which is currently live here: http://ninchanese.com/kickstarter).

We want the Tournament to be entirely about having fun practicing Chinese this summer. The Tournament is free and open to all Chinese
learners worldwide.

Registration is now open:  Those interested in joining the tournament can start signing up on ninchanese.com/ninchallenge. The Ninchallenge tournament starts on the 13th and will run until the 26th of July.


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