Story Time! Listen to a story (for adults) read in mandarin and learn Chinese online

Posted by Grace Feng on June 15, 2012

Listening to stories read in mandarin might be the best way to get your mind working actively on your new language. It’s also one of the more effective path to learn Chinese online.

However, the reality is, you might can find lots and lots of Chinese stories for toddlers and kids, you can’t easily find a story that is read for adult. For native Chinese speakers, how many people still spend time on listening to stories nowadays? Movie, TV and online video has become the dominate media for these people to catch up stories.

For Chinese learners, it’s a different story though. Most movies and TV episodes are too hard for beginner to intermediate lever Chinese learners to follow. Even for advanced level Chinese learners, it is not an easy task to understand a movie with profound culture or history background. For that purpose, an interesting but simple story, a story for adults, not kids, that is clearly read in mandarin might be the most suitable material for people that are learning Chinese.

So today, I dig out one like this for you to learn and practice. Hope you like it …

For readers in China that can’t access Youtube, please use this link:


蝴蝶 (The Butterfly)


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