Story of China – 爱的往事 Memories of Love [Elementary Level] 1

Posted by Grace Feng on August 30, 2015

Migrant worker population in China is huge. They contribute to the base of Chinese economy but enjoy the least benefit of the society. They leave their home in the countryside and seek rural labor positions to earn more money to support themselves and their families. They regularly work over time in sometimes harsh working environment and are separate from their loved ones or families due to the “floating” nature of their jobs.

In this story, 爱的往事 (The Memories of Love), I’ll tell you a love story of two migrant workers. I’ve tried my best to use short sentences and simple vocabulary. It is graded as Elementary Level by my JLC standard as outlined here. The total character count is about 1400.

I’ve turned English translation and Pinyin section into “hidden” mode at first load. So readers won’t get distracted if they prefer to read clean Chinese first. If you  need them, just click on the “Show English Translation and Pinyin” button to display. You can click it to hide again.

Vocabulary table is no longer needed. You can use the embedded annotation tool to show the meaning, pinyin and English translation of any single word by just move your mouse over the word (keyboard laptop), or tab on it (tablet). Thanks to Mandarinspot.com for the fantastic annotation tool!

This story will be finished in roughly ten mini chapters. As always, your feedback is very welcomed!

Let’s start reading now …

Story of China - 爱的往事 Memories of Love [Elementary Level]

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爱的往事 1













[Traditional Chinese]

 愛的往事 1













To be continued …
To navigate other chapters of short story “爱的往事”, click here:


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2 Responses to “Story of China – 爱的往事 Memories of Love [Elementary Level] 1”

  1. nothing


    09-02-2015 10:14 am

    I like the beginning of the introduction : sociological, very interesting…
    And of course, I wonder : maybe life is going to put their love to the test, so is this love going to last long ? I’m looking forward to reading the rest !
    By the way, why do women blush and men don’t ? …I’m kidding.


    • nothing

      Grace Feng:

      09-02-2015 4:27 pm

      Thanks Batman for your comment. You’ll be sure to find out where their love story is heading. I’ve just finalized all the text. You’ll be able to read the ending in 8 mini chapters. So it’s not that far away.:-)

      Maybe because statistically men have higher tolerable level for alcohol than women, it’s harder to tell a man blushes… I choose to believe in science … just kidding. :-D


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