Listen to the songs in Chinese is no doubt a wonderful way to learn the language. Especially if you can sing along and go through the lyrics all together.

Music can also let you relax a little during learning. In this category, I will recommend songs that I’d like to listen together with you. Hope you like them too!


A classic Chinese love song

A beautiful Chinese folk song 在那遥远的地方

Jackie Chan: A beautiful song that mixes both Chinese language and Korean language

A Chinese song to remind you of the love you lost – 想起

“Curse of the Golden Flower” – movie of a piece of art, and a beautiful theme song

One of my lifetime favorite – The saga of a general’s family in Song Dynesty 杨家将 

宁月 Silent Moon – A beautiful song played by 贾鹏芳 with traditional Chinese musical instrument

A Chinese song written for a 13 year old car accident victim – 天堂里有没有车来车往 (Is there traffic in heaven?)

“白狐 The White Fox” – Get your ears wet in the Chinese style fantasy 

Learn a Chinese word through Wang Fei’s song – 执迷不悔 (Blinded without regrets)

A video to show you that culture is transmissible – Happy Mid-Autumn Festival !

What exactly are “红颜知己 [Red Soulmate]” and “蓝颜知己 [Blue Soulmate]“?

同桌的你 – a song to complement the story of “我身后的眼睛”

Cherish every moment of your life – 珍惜

春节快乐,蛇年大吉!Happy Chinese New Year!

Canadian singer Celine Dion sang in mandarin in CCTV Lunar New Year television galas 

A nostalgic Chinese song – 小城故事 Small Town Story (by Teresa Teng)

Music for tonight: 云水禅心 (meditation heart beside the misty river)

Learn mandarin from singing while looking at lyrics – 容易受伤的女人 Fragile Woman [Intermediate]

What exactly is “painted skin” – Chinese movie 画皮 2 [PAINTED SKIN: THE RESURRECTION]

An old mandarin song that I enjoy every time I listen to it – 心太软 [Too soft-hearted]


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    10-20-2016 5:55 am

    General wisdom says you need to know around 3,000 characters in order to be able to understand a newspaper; however this is only half of the truth. Characters are quite useless alone; most of modern Chinese words are composed of 2, 3 or even 4 characters. Thus, beside the characters, you must learn how to combine them.


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