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Posted by Grace Feng on June 12, 2016

This is another guest post by David, the owner of clozecards.com. This time, he will share with you his learning method by using clozecards tool to grasp Chinese words steadily and surely. It does look like a promising tool for Chinese learning.

Hi, my name is David and I’m the creative force behind ClozeCards.com, a flashcard website similar to Anki or Memrise (but better, I promise).

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been studying Chinese for a while now using a host of different methods. I jumped from Memrise to Anki to classroom teaching, and at the end of it all, I had only a vague sense of how much I’d learned.

Being a visual person, I considered how to make my progress visible and found that the simple solution worked fairly well: Mark words with different colors. Now when I sit down to practice, I see something like this, with salmon colored words indication what I’m about to review:

ClozeCards.com - Word List

Furthermore, I use exactly the same scheme when reading Chinese short stories. With just a glance, I can see how many words to review to properly understand the story. It also tells me whether is out of my league with lots of unknown words. Here’s what it looked like when I read a cute story about a grandmother and her grandchild:

ClozeCards.com - Short Story

The colors are always up-to-date and updated in real-time, both when you’re learning new words and when old words become due for review. Seeing is believing so I made a gif to show you all how it works:

ClozeCards.com - Input

It has been a joy creating ClozeCards and I hope many more people will find it as useful as I have.


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