Reading, Listening and Speaking practice 3

Posted by Grace Feng on January 25, 2012

Let’s continue with our Chinese language practice from Reading, Listnening and Speaking Practice 2. You can use the conversation and knowledge you learned from the practice in your own real world or online conversation around Chinese New Year topic as well. Remember, practice what you’ve learned as much as possible. That is the only way to improve your language to a new level.

In this section, the whole family of Li Yun come to her parents’ home to celebrate Chinese New Year Eve. You’ll see how they talk to each other when they meet at the door.

 qiāo mén shēng lái dà shēng
敲门声 (door knocking sound)
 来 (come)
 大声 (out loud)
 wài hǎn dào dǎ kāi
 外 (outside)
 喊道 (call out)
打开 (open)
zhàn zhe jìn mén qián
 站着 (stand)
进门 (come in)
前 (before)
wài pó Chūn jié tīng
外婆 (grandma (mother’s side))
 春节 (Chinese New Year)
 听 (hear)
zhēn guāi  chú fáng bāo jiǎo zi
 真乖 (really cute)
厨房 (kitchen)
包饺子 (wrap dumplings)


Scene 2  Li Yun parent’s home


( qiāomén shēng…)



“ lái la lái la!” lǐ yún de māma dàshēng duì ménwài hǎndào.

“来啦来啦!” 李云的妈妈大声对门外喊道.


shuō zhe tā jiù bǎmén dǎkāi le.



ménwài zhàn zhe lǐ yún de yījiā. jìn ménqián, lǐ yún de nǚ’ér Lìlì dàshēng dì duìwài pó shuō:” wàipó, Chūnjié hǎo!”

门外站着李云的一家.进门前,李云的女儿丽丽大声地对外婆说:”外婆, 春节好!”


wàipó tīng le, gāoxìng dì shuō:” Lìlì zhēn guāi, kuài jìnlái, kuài jìnlái!”



lǐ yún de xiānsheng zhōu yáng jìnmén hòu wèn Lìlì de wàipó:” mā, bà ne?”



“ zài chúfáng bāojiǎozi ne…”


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[ translation ]

(door knocking …)

“Coming, coming!” Li Yun’s Mom call out to the door.

Meanwhile she opens the door.

Outside of the door stand the whole family of Li Yun. Before they come in, Li Yun’s daughter Li Li speaks to her grandma out loud:”Grandma, Happy New Year!”

While hearing it, Grandma delightedly replies:”What a good girl Li Li, come, come!”

Li Yun’s husband Zhou Yang asked Li Li’s grandma:”Mom, where is Dad?”

“He’s wrapping dumplings in the kitchen!”


If you’re confused anywhere in the article, feel free to drop your question in the comment area. I’ll reply you within 24 hours …

Scene 3 will come soon, stay tuned …

Study hard and sleep well!


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  2. nothing


    12-07-2015 10:26 pm

    你好 Miss Grace !

    说着她就把门打开了 . want to ask you if i understand this sentence correctly or not.
    说着 : while saying
    她就把门 : she’s already waited at the door
    打开了: the door was already open

    and this phrase 进门前 : your translation was ” before they come in ” , i think the correct translation should be ” enter first ” , i mean Lili who was the first one who entered the house not all her family at the same moment.

    Thank you for your help


    • nothing

      Grace Feng:

      12-08-2015 4:42 am


      说着 : while saying
      她就 把门打开 了: she opened the door

      “把门打开” is equal to “打开门". You can find more detailed explaination from the following post regarding this sentence pattern:


      And this phrase 进门前 doesn’t mean “enter first”, it does mean ” before they come in ”.

      Did you learn ancient Chinese (文言文)before? I feel like you’re trying to interpret the way 文言文 does.



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