Reading, Listening and Speaking practice 8

Posted by Grace Feng on April 12, 2013

JLC Chinese Reading, Listening and Speaking practice 8This practice is best to be taken after Lesson 7 to 12.

To go to previous practice, click here: Reading, Listening and Speaking practice 7

Please study the new words in the table before each scene first and then move on to the article. The whole article is devided into four scenes. You don’t need to study all four scenes at once. Take one at a time if you will.

You’re recommended to read the article for at least once all on your own without the audio. Then turn on the audio and read again. You can always pause or rewind the audio by clicking or sliding your mouse on the player’s progressing bar while you’re learning with the recording. Once you’ve understood all the content and recognized all the sentence patterns we used in the article, take your time to repeat with the recording until you can fluently read out loud through the whole article on your own.

PS: To listen to the pronunciation of the new words in the new word table, please click on  the pinyin for each character in the word. Please try to figure out the pronunciation through the pinyin first all by yourself. Don’t worry that you can’t get it right. You can progress much faster if you don’t rely on help and always try yourself first.

Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Mandarin Pinyin English Definition
前台 前臺 qian2 tai2 front desk
结帐 結帳 jie2 zhang4 to pay the bill
排队 排隊 pai2 dui4 to line up
饿 e4 hungry
deng3 wait
城市 城市 cheng2 shi4 city
饼干 餅乾 bing3 gan1 biscuit
应该 應該 ying1 gai1 should; must;
同样 同樣 tong2 yang4 same; equal
时间 時間 shi2 jian1 time

The family were leaving the Vacation Village. Mom went to the front desk to check and Daddy and daughter went to their car and waited for Mom there…

< Scene 4 >


Lìlì:”bàba, māma zěnme hái méi lái?”

丽丽:” 爸爸, 妈妈怎么还没来?”

zhōu yáng:”wǒmen chūmén de shíhou, māma yǐjīng qù qiántái jiézhàng le. tā xiànzài zhèngzài páiduì ba. jīntiān jiézhàng de rén hěn duō.”
周杨:”我们出门的时候, 妈妈已经去前台结帐了. 她现在正在排队吧. 今天结帐的人很多.”

Lìlì:” bàba, chē shàng yǒu chī de ma? wǒ hǎo è ā!”
丽丽:”爸爸,车上有吃的吗? 我好饿啊!”

zhōu yáng:”Lìlì, nǐ yǐjīng chī le zǎofàn le ya! xiànzài yòu è le? děng māma lái le, wǒmen kāichē qù xiàyīge chéngshì chī wǔfàn. nǐ xiànzài chī diǎn bǐnggān ba.”
周杨:”丽丽,你已经吃了早饭了呀! 现在又饿了? 等妈妈来了, 我们开车去下一个城市吃午饭. 你现在吃点饼干吧.”

Lìlì:”hǎo ba! dào xiàyīge chéngshì háiyǒu duō cháng shíjiān?”
丽丽:”好吧! 到下一个城市还有多长时间?”

zhōu yáng:”wǒmen lái de shíhou, cóng nàge chéngshì kāi le sān gè xiǎoshí dào zhèr. huíqu yě yīnggāi shì tóngyàng de shíjiān ba!”
周杨:”我们来的时候, 从那个城市开了三个小时到这儿. 回去也应该是同样的时间吧!”

Lìlì:”sān gè xiǎoshí hǎo cháng ā … bàba, nǐ kàn, māma zhèng wǎng wǒmen zhèbiān zǒu! … āi, wǒmen xiànzài shì cái lái dùjià cūn jiù hǎole.”
丽丽:”三个小时好长啊 … 爸爸, 你看, 妈妈正往我们这边走! … 哎, 我们现在是才来度假村就好了.”


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

download mp3 here: practice8.mp3


[ translation ]

Lili:”Daddy, why Mom hasn’t come?”

Zhou Yang:”When we came out, your Mom went to the front desk to check out. She might be waiting in line now. Too many people were checking out today. ”

Lili:”Daddy, is there anything to eat in this car?”

Zhou Yang:”Lili, you’ve just had your breakfast, now you’re hungry again? Wait till your Mom come, we’ll drive to the next city to have lunch. You can have some biscuit now.”

Lili:”Alright. How long does it take to get to the next city?”

Zhou Yang :” When we came here, it took us three hours to get here from that city. It should be the same the other way around.”

Lili:”Three hours are too long… Dad, look, Mom is coming this way! Huh, I wish we just arrived at Vacation Village now.”




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    01-22-2016 6:07 am

    Hi Ms Grace

    it’s me again, please help me the sentences below:

    我们出门的时候 . Can we rewrite it as 时候我们出门 ? i don’t understand the structure of this one, a noun (时候) stands following a verb ( 出门 + 的 ) . 今天结帐的人很多 this one also has the same structure as that one.

    Thank you ! :)


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    if i wanted to make a similar website to this one, how would i be able to get the pop up chinese character boxes when hovering over the word with my mouse?


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      Check out Mandarinspot.com, it offers the pop up dictionary for web admin.


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