Learning Chinese: 5 great ideas to get ahead

Posted by Grace Feng on June 15, 2015

Learning Chinese: 5 great ideas to get ahead[This is a guest post by Yang Yang from “Learn Mandarin Now“. She’ll share with us her insightful vision on learning Chinese. I hope you enjoy. ] 

Many people have their own views on how best to learn Chinese.

In order to try and reach a consensus on such views, we at Learn Mandarin Now have spent quite some time interviewing a number of Chinese teachers, experts and students learning the language and are now pleased to consolidate and share with you five great ideas people have suggested.

But, first, before we go forward, we’d like to once again thank Grace for letting us make a guest post here on Just Learn Chinese.

To summarize, here are 5 great ideas:

1. Learn Chinese in China

Even though there are many good online resources available, most people mention that the most effective strategy is to go to China and learn the language. Although not everybody can actually go to China due to their particular situation, if you are really serious about learning Chinese and want to improve your skills quickly, this is certainly one of the best ways. In fact, we recently had an interview about this topic Simply the best 10 ways to learn Chinese in China.

2. Practice makes perfect

Clearly, one of the best ways to improve your language skills is to talk to native Chinese speakers. If you are living in China, try to blend into the local culture and practice your Mandarin Chinese with local people.

Even if you are not in China, there are sites such as Italki where you can speak with native speakers and this can be very effective. We recently undertook an interview with a foreigner who learnt to speak Cantonese by using this strategy, even though he is not living in a Cantonese speaking city such as Hong Kong.

3. Set mini-goals

If you are a beginner, don’t rush to try to speak or study advanced Chinese. Set yourself mini-goals and learn things step by step. Even though there are numerous courses online which claim to help you learn Mandarin Chinese quickly and easily, it still takes years to actually speak fluent Chinese.

4. Learning Chinese characters is an important part of learning Chinese

Learning Chinese characters are still important. In fact, we offer some tips and the strategy about how to learn Chinese characters in this interview. Many people struggle with the question whether to learn traditional or simplified characters although, in our opinion, the most important point is to get started and take some action. As long as you master either type of character, you can basically understand the other.

5. You don’t have to spend lot of money to learn better Chinese

You don’t really have to spend a great deal of money to get started. From research we did recently with more than 50 bloggers: How to learn Chinese, we discovered hundreds of sites offering to help you learn Chinese—and most of them are actually free or need just a small investment.

Whichever method you choose, be sure to keep looking at our website Learn Mandarin Now as we keep finding new ways to help you learn Mandarin Chinese in the best and most efficient manner!


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    Charlie is now living in Chengdu, Sichuan province and runs a popular blog Chengdu Living! In his recent  podcast , he discussed with his friends about their Chinese learning tips and experiences.


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    Great post!

    I learned to speak Chinese in China and have recently started my own blog called Talking Mandarin



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