Learn to speak mandarin from TV episode excerpt – Unsettled Youth – 我们无处安放的青春 (4)

Posted by Grace Feng on April 8, 2012

Learn to speak mandarin from TV episode excerpt - Unsettled Youth - 我们无处安放的青春An audio excerpt from a TV episode is a very good learning resource if you’re longing to speak like a native Chinese speaker.

The narrative or talks in TV episodes are in natural day to day language. You can learn and imitate the tone and the way people talk that express real emotions. In this series of posts, I’ll record excerpts into mp3 from a popular TV episode “Unsettled Youth” (or “We Have Nowhere to Place Youth”) 我们无处安放的青春 wǒmen wúchù ānfàng de qīngchūn and add Chinese, pinyin and translation to it.

I’d recommend you to listen to it first. Then read the Chinese script, make sure you understand the meaning of each line. You’d better have a good online dictionary handy to help you lookup the new words if the translation couldn’t help you clearly understand certain words. repeat with it for as many times as you need, until you can read the lines in Chinese by yourself. Repeat with the recording, pause or rewind if you need. Compare your pronunciation with the recording and tune your tones.

At last, go watch the video below. See whether you can totally enjoy the part where the excerpt was. I’ll give you a brief introduction on what was happening in the video:

In the second episode, 李然’s lǐ rán and 周蒙 zhōu méng were getting along happily and well. However, 周蒙’s zhōu méng Dad, also the principal of the her university, did not like 李然’s lǐ rán, a photographer at that time. And was not happy that his daughter was spending time with him. He divorced 周蒙’s zhōu méng Mom when she was only two years old and raised her and her brother up all on his own. The following is the talk between 周蒙 and 周蒙‘s zhōu méng Dad about her relationship with 李然 lǐ rán:

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wǒ yǐqián jiù gēn nǐ shuō guò, gēn nánháizi jiāowǎng yàoyǒu jiézhì, yàoyǒu fēncùn.
我以前就跟你说过, 跟男孩子交往要有节制,要有分寸.

I told you before, you should mind your own manners while socializing with boys.


zuòshì yào sānsī’érhòuxíng.

You should think first before you commit to anything.


rènzhēn jiǎng, nǐ gēn lǐ rán de láiwǎng wǒ bùshì hěn rènkě.
认真讲, 你跟李然的来往我不是很认可.

As a matter of fact, I don’t agree that you two should come that close.


wǒ xiǎng shuō liǎng diǎn:

I have two points to state:


dìyī, bùyào zài hé tā láiwǎng;
第一, 不要再和他来往;

First, stay away from him.


dì’èr, wǒ zhǎojīhuì xiǎng gēn tā tántán.
第二, 我找机会想跟他谈谈.

Second, I’ll find a chance to talk to him.


bà, nǐ zhǎo tā gànmá?
爸, 你找他干嘛?

Dad, why you need to talk to him?


zhè shì wǒmen zhījiān de shì, nǐ jiù bùyào guǎn la.
这是我们之间的事, 你就不要管啦.

This is between him and me, nothing to do with you.


bà, … nǐ zhǎo tā tán shénme ya?
爸, … 你找他谈什么呀?

Dad, … what do you need to talk to him?


méngméng, rénshēng zuì dà de ruòdiǎn shì jīngbuzhù yòuhuò.
蒙蒙, 人生最大的弱点是经不住诱惑.

Meng Meng, our biggest weakness is too easy to scumb to temptation.


wǒ bù xīwàng nǐ shēnghuó dé xiàng nǐ māma yīyàng.

I hope you won’t live like your Mom.


yào jìzhu, suǒyǒu de nánrén, méiyǒu bù xǐhuan zìzhòng de nǚren.
要记住, 所有的男人, 没有不喜欢自重的女人.

Please keep it in mind, there’s no man that doesn’t like a woman with self-esteem.



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