Learn to speak mandarin from TV episode excerpt – Unsettled Youth – 我们无处安放的青春 (2)

Posted by Grace Feng on March 30, 2012

Learn to speak mandarin from TV episode excerpt - Unsettled Youth - 我们无处安放的青春An audio excerpt from a TV episode is a very good learning resource if you’re longing to speak like a native Chinese speaker.

The narrative or talks in TV episodes are in natural day to day language. You can learn and imitate the tone and the way people talk that express real emotions. In this series of posts, I’ll record excerpts into mp3 from a popular TV episode “Unsettled Youth” (or “We Have Nowhere to Place Youth”) 我们无处安放的青春 wǒmen wúchù ānfàng de qīngchūn and add Chinese, pinyin and translation to it.

I’d recommend you to listen to it first. Then read the Chinese script, make sure you understand the meaning of each line. You’d better have a good online dictionary handy to help you lookup the new words if the translation couldn’t help you clearly understand certain words. repeat with it for as many times as you need, until you can read the lines in Chinese by yourself. Repeat with the recording, pause or rewind if you need. Compare your pronunciation with the recording and tune your tones.

At last, go watch the video below. See whether you can totally enjoy the part where the excerpt was. I’ll give you a brief introduction on what was happening in the video:

The university student 李然 lǐ rán had a crash on his teacher 罗惠 luó huì. He helped her teacher to get chalk on the class and carried the gas tank upstairs. 罗惠 luó huì liked him too. Then they had an affair, which was not tolerable in Chinese school system. The principle had a talk with 罗惠 luó huì on this. But 罗惠 luó huì didn’t think there’s anything wrong with it. She had no intention to keep their relationship a secrete. This was definitely not allowed by the school. Finally she left the school and went abroad without saying goodbye to 李然 lǐ rán李然 lǐ rán was crushed.

The following is the audio excerpt of the narrative when 李然 lǐ rán knew 罗惠 luó huì has left:


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


nàshi zài cuòwù de shíjiān hé dìdiǎn

It was at wrong time and wrong place,

yǔ cuòwù de rén fāshēng de cuòwù de gùshi

a wrong story happened between wrong people.

nàshí de wǒ duōme yòuzhì

I was so naive at that time

yǐwéi dé dàoliǎo yī gè yōngbào

I thought once I got a hug

jiù yōngyǒu le yīqiè

I got everything

què bùcéng xiǎng guò

I had never thought about

huì yǒu zhèyàng yánzhòng de hòuguǒ yǔ shānghài

the consequence and harm could be so bad

tā jiù zhèyàng wúshēngwúxī de zǒu le

She quietly left, just like that

dúzì chéngdān le suǒyǒu

Born down everything on her own

liúxià de shì wǒ wú jìn de huǐhèn

leaving the endless regrets to me

rúguǒ kěyǐ cónglái

If I could have another chance to redo it

wǒ yīdìng xuǎnzé dānchún tīng tā jiǎngkè

I would choose to simply listen to her class

kěshì wǒ zhīdào

But I know

huǐhèn jiùshì huǐhèn

regret is regret

zhè shìshàng cónglái jiù méiyǒu rúguǒ

there is no “if” in this world



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