Learn to speak Chinese from a Chinese movie – Go Lala go!

Posted by Grace Feng on March 9, 2012

Learn to speak Chinese from a Chinese movie - Go Lala go!One of the key goals of this Learn Chinese Online FREE blog is to help you, my readers, to speak fluent Chinese like a native. In my opinion, there’s no better way than imitating the way native does.

Everyday language is best to be learned from modern movies and TV soaps. I’d recommend a Chinese movie that should be a good source for you to learn the modern spoken Chinese – Go Lala Go! (杜拉拉升职记). I gonna use the poster on the movie’s website as a brief introduction for you to get started:

Genius is ten percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration. That is the case for Du Lala, who begins her career in a Global Top 500 company as a humble receptionist.

Lala tackles pressure and frustration in a positive manner, knowing that the obstacles are just many of the hoops she has to jump through.

What will Lala harvest in the end? Promotion, of course, and as an added bonus, a romance.

The movie plot is simple. It doesn’t demand much on your brain to understand what’s going on, so you can focus on the way they talk and imitate. The main actor has a bit accent of Hong Kong, the main female actress speaks standard mandarin. Not sure if you’ll see the difference. But that’s not important. Due to the factor that Mandarin is spoken by almost 1/5 of earth people, you do need to adapt your ears to all kinds of accent.

A few laowais in the higher management team in the movie speak awesome Chinese too. You’ll get some inspirations from them too I guess.

There are both Chinese and English captions in the movie, so pause anywhere you need for a clarification.

Now it’s your time to enjoy the movie on this Learn Chinese blog…

(The following link on sohu.com has better connection speed for North American area:)

Go Lala Go! on Sohu.com

Here is another link as a backup:

Go Lala Go! on Letv.com

The following youtube link only has Chinese caption, but the quality and speed are both good:


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