Learn some Chinese words about London 2012 Olympics

Posted by Grace Feng on August 9, 2012

Learn some Chinese words about London 2012 Olympics London Olympics has entered the 14th day. While we’re watching the breath-taking competitions, we can also learn some Chinese words with Olympic spirit for a change. (Especially when you’re too excited or frustrated for your team’s performance :-) ).

Please be aware that in Chinese, there is one unique name for each of the top three winners. However, in English, only the top one has a stand-out name. Yet the rest don’t. Let’s see if you can find the difference in the following table.

Now let’s learn them in a simple manner:


奥林匹克 (Ào lín pǐ kè)  –  Olympics  Olympics
 London Bowl 伦敦碗 (Lúndūn wǎn) –  London Bowl (2012 Olympics Stadium)
开幕式 (kāi mù shì) –  opening ceremony  opening ceremony
 gold medal
金牌 (jīn pái) –  gold medal
银牌 (yín pái) –  silver medal  silver medal
 bronze medal 铜牌 (tóng pái) –  bronze medal
冠军 (guàn jūn) –  champion  champion
 first runner-up 亚军 (yà jūn) –  first runner-up
季军 (jì jūn)  –  second runner-up  second runner-up


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