Learn Mandarin video story show – a touching true story – “My Ugly Child”

Posted by Grace Feng on June 26, 2012

In this Learn Mandarin online post, you’ll watch a true story that happened in China country side being annotated by 王刚 (a famous TV host and actor). It’s an amazingly touching story about a loving family to raise an “ugly child” that they picked up at the door as a new born.

The family had two sons of their own when they picked up the “ugly girl” (severe facial defect). The older one is deaf-mute and the younger one is 100% healthy.  In order to cure the “ugly child”, they went bankrupt and had to make a very difficult decision to make sure all three children could survive – they decided to send their younger son, who was the only healthy child in the family to another family for adoption.

Three years later, the younger son ran away from the adoption family and disappeared.

His Mom heard about it and was devastated. But she persisted to raise up her disabled elder son and “ugly” daughter despite of her deepest guilt for her younger son.

Please watch the video and figure out how did the story end. This video story caters Chinese learner at intermediate to advanced levels.

Pictures of the child face might be disturbing to some viewers, viewer descretion advised.


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2 Responses to “Learn Mandarin video story show – a touching true story – “My Ugly Child””

  1. nothing


    03-17-2016 6:05 pm

    I can’t believe the music they play when they show her face. Like she is a monster? And why even censor her face…this is awful. How can any human who knows better be so ashamed of something that someone cannot help, first of all. I understand that someone wouldn’t want to live their life with this deformity, but the shame they put on this person merely by how she looks is far more damaging than any deformity.


    • nothing

      Grace Feng:

      03-19-2016 4:57 am

      Hi Laura, I agree with all your suggestions and concerns. The cruelty in the story reflects the unfair treatment received by those less lucky people in this world. Let’s all try to make it a better place to live for everyone.


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