Learn Mandarin through a Chinese fairy tale – Movie 白蛇传说 (Legend of White Snake)

Posted by Grace Feng on May 11, 2012

白蛇传说 bái shé chuánshuō (Legend of White Snake) is a folk legend that went down Chinese history for hundreds of years. You might have seen it somewhere else as a short cartoon or a story in black and white, in Chinese or some other languages. Today, you’ll be able to watch it as a wonderful movie that is casted by 李连杰 Lǐ Liánjié (Jet Li) and 黄圣依 huáng shèng yī.

The video is captioned with both Chinese and English. The content of the conversations are easy to understand (it’s a fairy tale, isn’t it?) So I figure it’ll be good material for you to practice your mandarin listening. It’s interesting to see the name of the movie is officially translated as “It’s Love”. Well, it is a love story after all, though the ending is definitely not a typical “lived happily ever after”.

Now I’ll let you to figure out what exactly happened in the Legend of White Snake… enjoy, my friends!


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4 Responses to “Learn Mandarin through a Chinese fairy tale – Movie 白蛇传说 (Legend of White Snake)”

  1. nothing

    Leto L.:

    05-11-2012 7:26 am

    I’ve heard about this fairytale before but i’ve never knew that it can be so useful fro learning Chinese! Now i can use it as a good learning material!


    • nothing


      05-11-2012 8:59 pm

      Hi Leto, you’re right, how much we should thank to youtube to make this available and free! :-)


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