Learn Mandarin Online Short Story – 她的故事 Her Story [6] (Intermediate)

Posted by Grace Feng on August 8, 2012

Learn Mandarin Online via reading mini short story is a good way to improve your language skills. Take a small bite a day. Don’t rush yourself. As long as you persist on reading and learning, when you finish the story, you’ll be surprised at how much you’ve learned.

This story is the very first short story that I’ve written for this blog. I enjoyed writing it, and I hope you will enjoy reading it too. I’d be really happy to hear any feedback from your reading and learning experience, no matter it’s positive or negative. Any corrections on my English translation is also welcomed, I need help on my English writing as well, please help! Thanks … :-)

There are vocabulary table, pinyin and English translation to help you read and learn new words and expressions. Hope these annotations do help …

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Learn Mandarin Online Mini Chinese Novel - 她的故事 Her Story [1]

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[simplified Chinese]








她的故事到这里就讲完了. 青春的热血可以书写历




[traditional Chinese]








她的故事到這裏就講完了. 青春的熱血可以書寫曆





tā zuìzhōng xuǎnzé le huíqu, huídào Dàshān lǐ nàxiē xūyào tā de qīnrén shēnbiān。 yǎngmǔ sòng le tā hěn yuǎn, bǎ tā kàn le yòu kàn, hǎoxiàng yào bǎ shī’érfùdé de nǚ’ér láoláo de kàn zài yǎn lǐ, zàiyě bùyuàn shīqù。

línbié shí, nǚ’ér duì yǎngmǔ shuō” mā, nǚ’ér hái huì láikàn nǐ de, xiàcì yīdìng dài zhe nǐ de xiǎo wàisūn lái。” yǎngmǔ hán zhe lèi diǎn le diǎntóu, mùsòng zhe nǚ’ér yuǎn qù。

tā de gùshi dào zhèlǐ jiù jiǎng wán le. qīngchūn de rèxuè kěyǐ shūxiě lìshǐ, yě kěyǐ niàng zhì yī bēi kǔ jiǔ。 ràng wǒmen yīqǐ zhùfú shànliáng de tā hé tā de jiā rénmen yǒngyuǎn xìngfú, píng’ān!


[vocabulary table]

Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Mandarin Pinyin English Definition
最终 最終 zui4 zhong1 final; ultimate;
选择 選擇 xuan3 ze2 to select; to pick; choice
需要 需要 xu1 yao4 to need
亲人 親人 qin1 ren2 one’s close relatives;
身边 身邊 shen1 bian1 at one’s side; on hand;
song4 to see off
失而复得 失而複得 shi1 er2 fu4 de2 to have again (after losing once)
牢牢 牢牢 lao2 lao2 firmly; safely;
临别 臨別 lin2 bie2 on parting; facing separation;
外孙 外孫 wai4 sun1 daughter’s son; grandson; descendant via the female line;
目送 目送 mu4 song4 to see off (a departing guest);
青春 青春 qing1 chun1 youth; youthfulness;
热血 熱血 re4 xue4 hot blood;
书写 書寫 shu1 xie3 to write;
历史 歷史 li4 shi3 history
酿制 釀製 niang4 zhi4 to ferment; to brew; to lead to;
ku3 bitter; hardship; pain;
jiu3 wine
祝福 祝福 zhu4 fu2 blessings; to wish sb well;
善良 善良 shan4 liang2 good and honest; kind-hearted;
平安 平安 ping2 an1 safe and sound; well;

(Special thanks to Thomas Doherty for proofreading and editing my English translation!)

[English translation]

In the end she decided to go back, back to the family that needed her so much. Her Mom went a long way out with her, she couldn’t keep her eyes off her daughter, as if that’s the only way she could keep her previously lost daughter by her side, never to lose again.

At the moment that they departed, she told her Mom:”Mom, I promise I will come back to see you again. I will bring your grandson with me next time.” Her Mom nodded, then she slowly disappeared in her Mom’s teary eyes.

That’s the end of her story.

The blood of youth, it could write the history, or brewed bitter wine. Let’s bless the warm-hearted girl and her family to have a happy and peaceful life forever.


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    03-07-2017 3:47 pm

    Thank you so much for this material! I am preparing for the HSK exam, 5th level and found your short stories very useful and well organized.
    Keep on with your good work


    • nothing

      Grace Feng:

      03-08-2017 12:02 am

      Thank you for your kind words, Giulietta. Yes I will keep adding new stuff (a bit slowly sometimes).

      Good luck with your HSK exam!




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    11-23-2017 3:49 pm

    I just happened to find your website after searching for readings in Chinese literature. I am really excited with the website and its format and return to it often to read (and reread) these stories to improve my Chinese language skills. I am also sharing this site with other people I know who study Chinese. Thanks for creating this site!


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    Mathias Maranhao:

    12-11-2017 2:16 am

    I found a reference to this website on fluentu.

    I can say that you work is amazing.
    You have a creative that fascinated me in the 3 different stories I’ve already read.

    I was in search for something exactly like this. You are a generous soul, thank you for your generosity in dedicating your time hear and mind here.

    This particular story is quite sad. But I know it might represent many stories mixed here.

    I’ll explore more deeply here and I hope to find a place to make donations to you.
    I can afford much, but what I afford to donate I think is wholeheartedly given.

    Wish you all the best, and keep this wonderful work you’ve done.

    If you need more feedbacks I’m always willing to help with.


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