Learn Mandarin Online Short Story – 她的故事 Her Story [3] (Intermediate)

Posted by Grace Feng on July 30, 2012

Learn Mandarin Online via reading mini short story is a good way to improve your language skills. Take a small bite a day. Don’t rush yourself. As long as you persist on reading and learning, when you finish the story, you’ll be surprised at how much you’ve learned.

This story is the very first short story that I’ve written for this blog. I enjoyed writing it, and I hope you will enjoy reading it too. I’d be really happy to hear any feedback from your reading and learning experience, no matter it’s positive or negative. Any corrections on my English translation is also welcomed, I need help on my English writing as well, please help! Thanks … :-)

There are vocabulary table, pinyin and English translation to help you read and learn new words and expressions. Hope these annotations do help …

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Learn Mandarin Online Mini Chinese Novel - 她的故事 Her Story [1]

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[simplified Chinese]









[traditional Chinese]










huǒchē zǒu le yī tiān yòu yī tiān, ránhòu shì qìchē, ránhòu shì hěn cháng hěn cháng de shānlù。 zuìzhōng, zài lìngwài liǎng gè tónglù de zhànshì de bāngzhù xià, píbèi bùkān de tāmen zǒngsuàn zài tiān hēi zhīqián huí le jiā- yī gè zuòluò zài shēnshān lǐ de nóngjiā xiǎo yuàn。 tā de gōnggong pópo lǎo lèi zònghéng de lái yíngjiē tāmen méile shuāngtuǐ de érzi hé chéng lǐ lái de niánqīng xífù。

cóngcǐ, wèile àiqíng, tā xīngānqíngyuàn de zuò le yī gè nóngfù。

hěn duō nián hòu, zhànzhēng zǎoyǐ jiéshù, tā hé tā de gùshi jiànjiàn zài rénmen de jìyì zhōng dànwàng。 yīcì ǒurán de jīhuì, wǒ tīng dàoliǎo guānyú tā de xiāoxi


[vocabulary table]

Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Mandarin Pinyin English Definition
然后 然後 ran2 hou4 after; then (afterwards);
汽车 汽車 qi4 che1 car; automobile; bus;
山路 山路 shan1 lu4 mountain road;
最终 最終 zui4 zhong1 final; ultimate;
同路 同路 tong2 lu4 to go the same way;
帮助 幫助 bang1 zhu4 assistance; aid; to help;
疲惫 疲憊 pi2 bei4 beaten; exhausted; tired;
不堪 不堪 bu4 kan1 cannot bear; cannot stand; utterly; extremely;
总算 總算 zong3 suan4 at long last; finally; on the whole;
之前 之前 zhi1 qian2 before; prior to;
坐落 坐落 zuo4 luo4 to be situated; to be located (of a building);
深山 深山 shen1 shan1 deep in the mountains;
农家 農傢 nong2 jia1 peasant family;
yuan4 courtyard
公公 公公 gong1 gong5 husband’s father; grandpa; eunuch;
婆婆 婆婆 po2 po5 husband’s mother; mother-in-law; grandma;
老泪纵横 老淚縱橫 zong4 heng2 face covered with tears
迎接 迎接 ying2 jie1 to meet; to welcome; to greet;
媳妇 媳婦 xi2 fu4 daughter-in-law; wife (of a younger man); young married woman; young woman;
从此 從此 cong2 ci3 from now on; since then; henceforth;
爱情 愛情 ai4 qing2 romance; love (romantic);
心甘 心甘 xin1 gan1 to be willing; to be satisfied;
情愿 情願 qing2 yuan4 willingness; would rather (agree to X than Y);
农妇 農婦 nong2 fu4 peasant woman (in former times); female farm worker;
渐渐 漸漸 jian4 jian4 gradually;
记忆 記憶 ji4 yi4 memory;
淡忘 淡忘 dan4 wang4 to be forgotten; to fade from memory;
偶然 偶然 ou3 ran2 incidentally; occasional;
机会 機會 ji1 hui4 opportunity; chance;
关于 關於 guan1 yu2 about;

(Special thanks to Thomas Doherty for proofreading and editing my English translation!)

[English translation]

The train kept going day after day, and then they transferred to bus, and then they had a long marching in the mountains, with the help from two other soldiers that were going to the same area, exhausted, they arrived home – a small court yard in the mountains. Her mother-in-law and father-in-law , with tears in eyes, welcomed their disabled son and young daughter-in-law from the city to be back home.

From that day on, for love, she turned herself into a peasants wife.

Many years later, their story was fading away from people’s memories. By accident, I heard about her again …


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4 Responses to “Learn Mandarin Online Short Story – 她的故事 Her Story [3] (Intermediate)”

  1. nothing


    08-01-2012 7:25 am

    I have a question. When do you use 又 and 再 because I think they both mean “again”?


    • nothing


      08-07-2012 9:32 pm

      Steve, sorry for the long delay in replying your question. Usually I respond in 24 hours.

      However, I just had a 10 day trip to coastal province of Canada, barely had time to get online during the trip.

      You had a very good question. In this article, “一天又一天” can’t be replaced with “一天再一天”. Why? It is because “something 又 something” is a pattern. 又 means “and” in this pattern, 再 means “again”. Another example, “健康又美丽” (healthy and beautiful).

      They are close in meaning only in the following kind of sentence:


      He started to work again.

      Both 又 and 再 means “again” in this sentence. However, 再 usually needs to combine with quantifier, such as 再一次, 再次 etc.

      If 再 is used solely, most likely there’s a second sentence follows to complete the whole sentence. Such as,

      他再来, 我就不开门.

      After all, to completely grasp the usage of these two characters, you really need to do lots of readings. In the end, it will come natually where to use 又, and where to use 再.

      Hope it helps…



  2. nothing


    08-01-2012 4:29 pm

    Hi Grace. 我好久没登陆你的网站,你最近好像特别忙吧。我自己一直在看奥运会,等我有空的时候我会给你发意见。


    • nothing


      08-07-2012 4:46 pm

      白睿, 我刚结束了一个长长的休假. 行程5500km.昨天刚回来.旅行中在hotel也抓紧时间看了一些奥运会的转播, 很精彩, 回来以后还要把落下的补上…:-)





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