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Posted by Grace Feng on July 29, 2012

Learn Mandarin Online via reading mini short story is a good way to improve your language skills. Take a small bite a day. Don’t rush yourself. As long as you persist on reading and learning, when you finish the story, you’ll be surprised at how much you’ve learned.

This story is the very first short story that I’ve written for this blog. I enjoyed writing it, and I hope you will enjoy reading it too. I’d be really happy to hear any feedback from your reading and learning experience, no matter it’s positive or negative. Any corrections on my English translation is also welcomed, I need help on my English writing as well, please help! Thanks … :-)

There are vocabulary table, pinyin and English translation to help you read and learn new words and expressions. Hope these annotations do help …

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Learn Mandarin Online Mini Chinese Novel - 她的故事 Her Story [1]

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[simplified Chinese]






那一天天上下着蒙蒙的细雨, 她推着轮椅上幸福微笑着的丈夫,在领导,老师,同学们的祝福中上了火车。当车门被紧紧关上时候,她盼望的目光还停留在远处站台的入口。




[traditional Chinese]





那一天天上下著蒙蒙的細雨, 她推著輪椅上幸福微笑著的丈夫,在領導,老師,同學們的祝福中上了火車。當車門被緊緊關上時候,她盼望的目光還停留在遠處站台的入口。





tā de juédìng chàdiǎnr ràng yǎngfù yǎngmǔ yūn le guòqu。 tāmen yòngjìn gèzhǒng fāngshì quànshuō tā fàngqì zhège yòuzhì de xiǎngfǎ, kěshì dōu wúfǎ gǎibiàn tā de juédìng。

hěn kuài tā shàng le xīnwén tóutiáo。 bèi chēngwéi” yīngxióng de qīzi”, chéngwéi tóngxué men de bǎngyàng。

nà yī tiāntiān shàngxià zhe méngméng de xìyǔ, tā tuī zhe lúnyǐ shàng xìngfú wēixiào zhe de zhàngfu, zài lǐngdǎo, lǎoshī, tóngxué men de zhùfú zhōng shàng le huǒchē。 dāng chēmén bèi jǐnjǐn guānshang shíhou, tā pànwàng de mùguāng hái tíngliú zài yuǎnchù zhàntái de rùkǒu。 kěshì yǎng fùmǔ bìng méiyǒu chūxiàn。 tāmen wúfǎ jiēshòu zhège xiànshí, dǔ qì yǔ tā tuōlí le fùmǔ guānxi。 shāngxīn guòdù de yǎngmǔ cǐshí zhèng tǎng zài bìngchuáng shàng shū zhe yè.

[vocabulary table]

Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Mandarin Pinyin English Definition
差点儿 差點兒 cha4 dian3 r5 almost; barely;
rang4 to let sb do sth
yun1 to lose consciousness; to pass out;
用尽 用盡 yong4 jin4 to exhaust; to use up completely;
方式 方式 fang1 shi4 way; method; manner
劝说 勸說 quan4 shuo1 to persuade; persuasion; to advise;
幼稚 幼稚 you4 zhi4 young; childish; naive;
改变 改變 gai3 bian4 to change; to alter; to transform;
新闻 新聞 xin1 wen2 news;
头条 頭條 tou2 tiao2 lead story (on the news);
英雄 英雄 ying1 xiong2 hero
妻子 妻子 qi1 zi5 wife;
榜样 榜樣 bang3 yang4 example; model;
蒙蒙 蒙蒙 meng2 meng2 drizzle (of rain or snow);
细雨 細雨 xi4 yu3 fine rain; drizzle; poem by Tang poet Li Shangyin 李商隱|李商隐;
tui1 to push forward
轮椅 輪椅 lun2 yi3 wheelchair;
幸福 幸福 xing4 fu2 happiness; happy; blessed;
微笑 微笑 wei1 xiao4 smile;
丈夫 丈夫 zhang4 fu5 husband;
领导 領導 ling3 dao3 leader
祝福 祝福 zhu4 fu2 blessings; to wish sb well;
火车 火車 huo3 che1 train;
盼望 盼望 pan4 wang4 to hope for; to look forward to;
目光 目光 mu4 guang1 sight; vision;
停留 停留 ting2 liu2 to stay somewhere temporarily; to stop over;
远处 遠處 yuan3 chu4 distant place;
站台 站台 zhan4 tai2 platform (at a railway station);
无法 無法 wu2 fa3 unable; incapable;
接受 接受 jie1 shou4 to accept; to receive;
现实 現實 xian4 shi2 reality
du3 qi4 to act rashly out of a feeling of injustice;
脱离 脫離 tuo1 li2 to separate oneself from; to break away from;
关系 關係 guan1 xi4 relation; relationship;
过度 過度 guo4 du4 excessive; over-;
此时 此時 ci3 shi2 now; this moment;
tang3 to recline; to lie down;
病床 病床 bing4 chuang2 hospital bed; sickbed;
输液 輸液 shu1 intravenous infusion; to get put on an IV;


[English translation]

Upon hearing her decision, her parents almost passed out. They tried all they could to persuade her to give up this absurd decision. However, a girl in love like her, could not listen to anything.

Soon her name was in the news headlines, she became a model for the rest of the school.

That day, it was raining lightly, pushing a smiling husband in the wheel chair, she was escorted and blessed by officials, teachers, and students to get on the train. When the door of the train shut tightly, her eyes were still searching the entrance of the platform. However, her parents didn’t show up. Devestated, her parents revoked their parental relationship with her. The broken hearted adoptive mother was lying in bed at this time with a transfusion solution.

(Special thanks to Thomas Doherty for proofreading and editing my English translation!)


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  1. nothing

    Thomas Doherty:

    08-23-2012 3:12 am

    For the last sentence I get ” The broken hearted adoptive mother was lying in bed at this time with a transfusion solution. “


    • nothing


      08-23-2012 5:17 am

      Thanks you so much, Thomas! I’m updating now…



      • nothing


        09-10-2014 8:54 am

        I don’t find this sentence in the Chinese version:

        ‘Too young to get married by law, her marriage was approved from high above.’


        • nothing

          Grace Feng:

          09-11-2014 6:19 pm

          Hi Philipp, good eyes you have!

          Actually that sentence in my original script was removed by me later. I thought that sentence was a bit complicated in the context. Well, no matter what, that detail was true. That was a true story that happened to someone lived very close to me.

          So I removed that sentence from translation now.

          Thanks for letting me know. :-)



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    07-09-2016 5:42 pm

    Hi --- 请问,音频的第二句话是说,”dierjie“。使用哪种汉字发音”jie”的词?


    • nothing

      Grace Feng:

      07-09-2016 9:43 pm

      Hi Peter, 你好。 ”dierjie“ 的中文是”第二节(Chapter Two)“ .



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