Learn Chinese Online Short Story – 我身后的眼睛 The Eyes Behind Me [11] (Elementary)

Posted by Grace Feng on November 30, 2012

I’ve been thinking about writing a colloquial Chinese short story on Beginner level for a while, but it turns out that it’ll be much easier to tell a complete story on Elementary level instead of Beginner’s. To check out how reading levels are rated, please click here. My dear readers, I’ll also need your feedback to help me understand the difficulty level of my writing.

I’ve always been thinking that Chinese language could be more approachable to the world if enough reading materials on different levels could be available for learners to read, especially for adult learners. That is also the main goal I’m trying to reach in this “Learn Chinese Online Short Stories” session.

Before you begin to read this 4500-character Elementary level short story, I’d suggest that you run through the vocab table first to get familiar with the new words. That way your actual reading process might be much smoother. At the end of each part, there will be a short quiz to test your comprehension.

Learn Chinese online mini novel - 我身后的眼睛 The Eyes Behind Me [1] (Elementary)


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我身后的眼睛 [11]


那天晚上我回到家, 女儿还没睡, 她扑到我的怀里, 吵着要听故事.


我搂着熟睡的女儿, 想到他明天一早就要飞回南方.

我在心里默默地祷告, 祷告他的婚后生活也能美满,也能在不久的将来, 拥有一个长得象他的健康可爱的孩子.


现在每每在人海中行走, 我都会想起我身后的那双眼睛.那眼里的温存和忧郁, 总是不断地提醒我,让我更加珍惜生活, 珍惜身边的人, 让我更努力地去爱, 去宽容。


– 全文完 – 


[vocab table]

Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Mandarin Pinyin English Definition
呼呼大睡 呼呼大睡 hu1 hu1 da4 shui4 sound asleep
熟睡 熟睡 shu2 shui4 asleep; sleeping soundly;
祷告 禱告 dao3 gao4 to pray; prayer
美满 美滿 mei3 man3 happy; blissful;
健康 健康 jian4 kang1 healthy;
每每 每每 mei3 mei3 each time
不断 不斷 bu4 duan4 continuous
提醒 提醒 ti2 xing3 to remind
珍惜 珍惜 zhen1 xi1 to cherish;
宽容 寬容 kuan1 rong2 forgiving



wǒ shēnhòu de yǎnjing [11]


nàtiān wǎnshang wǒ huídào jiā, nǚ’ér hái méi shuì, tā pū dào wǒ de huái lǐ, chǎo zhe yào tīng gùshi.

lèi le yī tiān de lǎogong kàn wǒ huílai jiù hūhū dà shuì le.

wǒ lǒu zhe shúshuì de nǚ’ér, xiǎngdào tā míngtiān yīzǎo jiùyào fēi huí nánfāng.

wǒ zài xīn lǐ mòmò dì dǎogào, dǎogào tā de hūn hòu shēnghuó yě néng měimǎn, yě néng zài bùjiǔ de jiānglái, yōngyǒu yī gè zhǎngde xiàng tā de jiànkāng kě’ài de háizi.


xiànzài měiměi zài rénhǎi zhōng xíngzǒu, wǒ dūhuì xiǎngqǐ wǒ shēnhòu de nà shuāng yǎnjing. yǎn lǐ de wēncún hé yōuyù, zǒngshì bùduàn dì tíxǐng wǒ, ràng wǒ gèngjiā zhēnxī shēnghuó, zhēnxī shēnbiān de rén, ràng wǒ gèng nǔlì dì qù ài, qù kuānróng。


– quánwén wán –

[traditional Chinese]



那天晚上我回到家, 女兒還沒睡, 她撲到我的懷裏, 吵著要聽故事.


我摟著熟睡的女兒, 想到他明天一早就要飛回南方.

我在心裏默默地禱告, 禱告他的婚後生活也能美滿,也能在不久的將來, 擁有一個長得象他的健康可愛的孩子.


現在每每在人海中行走, 我都會想起我身後的那雙眼睛.那眼裏的溫存和憂鬱, 總是不斷地提醒我,讓我更加珍惜生活, 珍惜身邊的人, 讓我更努力地去愛, 去寬容。


– 全文完 – 


[English Translation]
Special thanks to John Collett for diligently proofreading my English translation!!


The Eyes Behind Me [11]


When I came back home that night, my daughter was still awake.

The moment she saw me back, she ran into my arms and asked for stories.

My husband was exhausted after a very long day, the time he saw me he fell asleep right away.

While my daughter slept soundly in my arms, I thought about him, the man who would fly back to the south the next morning.

I quietly made a wish in my heart. I wished him to have a happy and loving marriage. I wished someday soon he would be able to have a bouncing baby of his own that looked just like him.

Every now and then, while I walk in the crowd, I will think of those eyes behind me. The gentleness and sensation in them will keep reminding me to appreciate the life that I have, the people that are around me. They will remind me to become more loving and forgiving.


– The End –



<<我身后的眼睛>>阅读理解 - Reading Comprehension [11]

Congratulations - you have completed <<我身后的眼睛>>阅读理解 - Reading Comprehension [11]. You scored %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your performance has been rated as %%RATING%%
Your answers are highlighted below.
Question 1
The following sentence could be reordered into which sentence? "也能在不久的将来, 拥有一个长得象他的健康可爱的孩子。"



拥有一个长得象他的健康可爱的孩子, 也能在不久的将来。


也能在不久的将来拥有一个健康可爱的孩子, 长得象他。

Question 2
The word "每每" in "现在每每在人海中行走" is used correctly in which of the following sentence?






Once you are finished, click the button below. Any items you have not completed will be marked incorrect. Get Results
There are 2 questions to complete.


– The End –


To navigate other chapters of short story “我身后的眼睛”, click here:



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12 Responses to “Learn Chinese Online Short Story – 我身后的眼睛 The Eyes Behind Me [11] (Elementary)”

  1. nothing


    12-04-2012 4:53 pm

    Bravo Grace! You’ve put in so much work preparing and presenting the story, I hope that others – like myself – can take away something from the vocabulary and sentence patterns to help them in their learning of Chinese

    Oh, one question: would it be possible to make another post with the entire story (just the story, no need for the pinyin/translation) in one place so it can be easily copied for printing and reading?


  2. nothing


    09-05-2014 2:39 pm

    very nice. It’s a good story and after more than one year it made me start reading Chinese again, so I am really grateful for all your work. Great job! Please keep going!


    • nothing

      Grace Feng:

      09-06-2014 3:30 pm

      Thank you for your encouraging words, Philipp! Yes, for sure I’ll keep going, and hopefully getting better. :-)



  3. nothing

    Natasha Rae:

    12-11-2015 8:58 am

    Hi grace

    I cant express in words that how much this story has moved me. I was completed glued to the story. As I am a romantic person at heart, I wanted the end to be that they both end up together, but we cant forget the fact that both of them were married. So the story could have ended this way only. I also enjoyed reading and translating side by side.

    Thank you :)


    • nothing

      Grace Feng:

      12-11-2015 2:48 pm

      Thank you for your kind feedback, Natasha. Maybe because we all come from Asian culture, it is easier for us to understand the feelings and struggle of the two lovers.

      It’s also interesting to know that people from different culture may have very different perspective.

      It’s such a pleasure chatting with you. :-)



      • nothing


        02-05-2017 6:14 am

        The most Asian thing about the story is the parents’ reason for interfering. (One child, might live a long way from them.) And even that is not impossible for parents of other cultures.

        The rest of it (and some of your other stories) could easily be scripts for films like Brief Encounter.


        Even the drippy bit at the end, where she decides to be “more loving and forgiving” (instead of kicking her parents to jelly) could easily come from a Westerner. Not all are as brutal as I am.

        Great site, by the way. I am working my way through all your stories, making cloze and reconstruct exercises from them. I really appreciate the work you have put in.


        • nothing

          Grace Feng:

          02-08-2017 2:03 am

          Hi RoHa,

          thank you for commenting. I do love comments with unique point and opinion.

          Yours made me wonder how “brutal” you can be if you’re in that situation. :-)

          I’m really delighted to know that some of my stories have potential to be scripts of films. That’s what I’m dreaming of too. :-)

          I’m currently writing another one for HSK 3 level. There’s love story in it too. Stay tuned …

          All the best,



  4. nothing


    03-20-2017 11:09 am

    Very touching story, left my eyes wet and my mind wandering
    Thank you for your hard work!


  5. nothing


    05-19-2017 3:16 am

    Hi Grace

    A beautifully written story and read with lots of emotion. Almost brought a tear to the eyes, and i am Chinese man! It is a bit difficult for me initially and i think for an elementary level, but i manage to get the full meaning after listening a few times.

    I can see a lot of effort here and hope you will put up more stories. I am gradually working through from the simplest available. I am also gradually improving my word recognision.


    • nothing

      Grace Feng:

      05-22-2017 5:17 am

      This is also one of my favourite. Maybe because it’s a sketch of the life I had (not my personal story though), I felt the writing was rather effortless, compared to some other stories I wrote.

      Glad that you liked it.




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