Learn Chinese from Chinese TV episodes – 新结婚时代 (9)

Posted by Grace Feng on April 12, 2012

Learn Chinese from Chinese TV episode - 新结婚时代新结婚时代 xīn jiéhūn shídài (New Era of Marriage)” is a Chinese TV episode based on the book of the same name by a famous women writer “王海鸰 wáng hǎi líng“. It talks about how big impact the difference between two marriage families could do to the marrying couple in today’s China. The difference is defined between a family from the country side and a family from the country side and a family from the big city.

建国’s jiànguó Dad couldn’t understand the way 小西’s xiǎo xī family treated him. He had a talk with his son and blamed him to be too soft on his wife. He suggested 建国 jiànguó to take more authority over his wife in their daily life to gain respect from 小西’s xiǎo xī family. (This logic was based on his old fashioned mentality from the county side). 小西 xiǎo xī escorted 简佳 jiǎn jiā for another blind date with a diplomat. 简佳 jiǎn jiā was declined once again due to her honesty on her previous love affair. 小航 xiǎo háng and 简佳 jiǎn jiā were getting more and more close by sharing the same value of life . 建国’s jiànguó Dad asked him and小西 xiǎo xī  to celebrate Chinese New Year in his country side home. 小西 xiǎo xī  didn’t want to go based on previous bad experience (she accidentally had the first miscarriage when she went back to 建国’s jiànguó parent’s home in the country side). But 建国 jiànguó insisted on going together this time. Because of this, the couple got into a cold war again.

OK now, I’ll zip it and let you to watch it on your own. Once you totally understand a part of conversation in the episode, please imitate the actor’s lines since the way they talk in this TV episode is very natural mandarin. Once you’re very familiar with the lines, they’ll come out of your mouth next time you speak Chinese.


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