Learn Chinese from Chinese TV episodes – 新结婚时代 (2)

Posted by Grace Feng on March 21, 2012

Learn Chinese from Chinese TV episode - 新结婚时代新结婚时代 xīn jiéhūn shídài (New Era of Marriage)” is a TV episode based on the book of the same name by a famous women writer “王海鸰 wáng hǎi líng“. It talks about how big impact the difference between two marriage families could do to the marrying couple in today’s China. The difference is defined between a family from the country side and a family from the big city.

To understand why the couple fight at the first part of this second episode, you need to have a basic understanding of the culture background. The husband 建国 grew up in country side. The wife 小西 grew up in city Beijing. In most country side areas of China, people still have traditions of building new house for their sons to get married. 建国’s Dad was very poor. He came from his country side home to 建国’s home in Beijing for a visit. His main goal of this trip is to ask his younger son, 建国, to give him some money to build a new house for his elder son, who had been living with him and got married with two kids in the country side. Because 建国’s Dad had no money to build a new house when his elder son got married, he felt guilty and wanted to make up for it when his younger son 建国 is well established in Beijing. He wants to get money from his younger son to build the house for this elder son.

Now here comes the conflict. 建国’s wife 小西 doesn’t understand why she has the responsibility to give money to 建国’s Dad to build the house if she doesn’t even need it. 建国 tries to coordinate between 小西 and his Dad. However he has to take a stand at the train station when 小西 and his Dad had an argument. He takes his Dad’s side and slaps his wife on the face…

OK now, I’ll zip it and let you to watch it on your own. Once you totally understand a part of conversation in the episode, please imitate the actor’s lines since the way they talk in this TV episode is very natural mandarin. Once you’re very familiar with the lines, they’ll come out of your mouth next time you speak Chinese.


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