Learn Chinese from Chinese TV episodes – 新结婚时代 (11)

Posted by Grace Feng on April 13, 2012

Learn Chinese from Chinese TV episode - 新结婚时代新结婚时代 xīn jiéhūn shídài (New Era of Marriage)” is a Chinese TV episode based on the book of the same name by a famous women writer “王海鸰 wáng hǎi líng“. It talks about how big impact the difference between two marriage families could do to the marrying couple in today’s China. The difference is defined between a family from the country side and a family from the country side and a family from the big city.

简佳 jiǎn jiā didn’t want to go back to step mother’s home, so she chose to work during Chinese New Year. 小航 xiǎo háng came to visit her and had a good chat with her. She felt the warmth that she hadn’t felt for a long time. She told 小航 xiǎo háng about how her family changed after her Mom died and how much she longed for a family of her own. 小航 xiǎo háng was moved by her words and felt drawn to her even more. 小西 xiǎo xī tried her best to be a good daughter-in-law. However she couldn’t get used to the living condition there and got sick. 建国 jiànguó didn’t show his care to her, which upset her even more and made her to leave on her own.


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