Learn Chinese “把” sentence pattern while cooking the yummy “pumpkin pot”

Posted by Grace Feng on April 24, 2012

In lesson “把” sentence pattern I’ve described the meaning and usage of “把” sentence pattern. However, I definitely believe that if I use “把” sentence pattern in a vivid cooking tutorial, it’ll be much more interesting and easy for you to learn, especially for those readers that feel visual things are the most helpful in their study.

So today I’ll show you how to use “把” sentence pattern to describe the whole process of cooking yummy “pumpkin pot”. I’ll only use simple words and sentences to let you focus on the “把” sentence pattern.

Before we start, I have to explain what is 百合 bǎi hé before you bang your head against wall to figure out. :-) It’s a kind of edible liliaceous plant in Chinese cuisine. However, I can’t find out it’s exact English name no matter how hard I searched. So I’ll just use “lily” to refer to it, but it is NOT lily!

The recipe pictures are curtsey of http://www.haochi123.com.

Now let’s begin!

"把" sentence pattern bǎ bǎihé xǐjìng. 



Wash the lily clean.

"把" sentence pattern bǎ nánguā qiē kāi. 



Cut the pumpkin apart.

"把" sentence pattern bǎ bǎihé fàngjìn nánguā lǐ. 



Put Lily into the pumpkin.

"把" sentence pattern bǎ mìzǎo fàng zài zuì shàngmian. 



Place the sweetened dates on top.

"把" sentence pattern gài hǎo nánguā. bǎ nánguā fàng zài dàhuǒ shàng zhēng. 

盖好南瓜. 把南瓜放在大火上蒸.


Put the lid back on the pumpkin. Steam the pumpkin with high temperature.

"把" sentence pattern 40 fēnzhōng hòu bǎ huǒ guāndiào, jiù kěyǐ chī le! ye! 

40分钟后把火关掉, 就可以吃了! 耶!


After 40 minutes, turn off the stove. And it’s ready to be served! Yeah!

Now, I’ll let you to guess what is the main taste of the “pumpkin pot”? Salty or sweet? :-)

Bon appétit!


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6 Responses to “Learn Chinese “把” sentence pattern while cooking the yummy “pumpkin pot””

  1. nothing


    05-03-2012 2:42 pm

    Good job! Grace. Your blog is always very beautiful! And this time it’s delicious also ;-)


    • nothing


      05-03-2012 4:52 pm

      Thanks Iris, whenever I feel hungry, I got the urge to write something appetising… :-)


  2. nothing


    09-04-2014 11:00 am

    Looks delicious! And what’s 百合 called in English?


    • nothing

      Grace Feng:

      09-05-2014 4:23 am

      It’s called “lily”, the flower. :-)


  3. nothing


    02-02-2015 2:57 pm



    • nothing

      Grace Feng:

      02-02-2015 11:04 pm

      就是, 又甜又健康。 :-)


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