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Posted by Grace Feng on October 4, 2012

First of all, this lesson series is completely free, just like all other lesson series featured on JLC. :-)

Secondly, it is aiming at helping Chinese learners of all levels to learn and memorize Chinese characters in a more structured and efficient way. As a result, it may help to bring you to a high level of Chinese character recognition in a relatively shortened period.

Third, it is also a lesson series that teach you pinyin and pronunciation that associated with each group of characters. In the end of the lesson series, you should be able to learn all possible Chinese syllables (about 370) and around 3000 currently used Chinese characters.

To make each lesson brief and short, while at the same time feeding you with all key information you need to know and memorize, I’d strongly recommend you to read this guide first before you jump into the lesson. To enhance your efficiency on building meaningful connections with the help of “meaning radical”, please review and memorize all 51 meaning radicals first.

Each lesson features one to two syllables for you to focus your pronunciation on. I’d suggest you to open your mouth and repeat with the recording out loud a few times to get your pronunciation right.

JLC Chinese Character PRO Lesson Study Guide

After that, you’ll move on to the group of characters that share the same pronunciation with the only difference in tones.

JLC Chinese Character PRO Lesson Study Guide

Speak each individual character out loud. Then go over their meaning and example word. If there is a meaning radical associated with it in the last column, use that hint to help you enhance the shape of the character in your head. You can click the radical picture to reach the page that features that specific radical in the series of “Chinese Radical Show“.

JLC Chinese Character PRO Lesson Study Guide

For both “pinyin” and “example word”, you can click through to hear how it sounds.

When you’re ready, move down to the last section – quiz. Here is the test ground to help you reinforce your memory on character recognition.

JLC Chinese Character PRO Lesson Study Guide

When you finish the quiz, submit it to get immediate result. The quiz can be redone for as many times as you want, just refresh the page and click “Yes” on the popup button. All questions and options will be randomly reordered after a page reload.

JLC Chinese Character PRO Lesson Study Guide

JLC Chinese Character PRO Lesson Study Guide

That’s all you need to know before you start the lesson…

现在就开始吧! 加油喔!

-> JLC Chinese Character Lesson 1 – ba, pa (巴把吧爸芭靶笆疤爬)

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