Humor in Chinese for Beginner to Elementary Chinese students – 穷人和强盗 [The Poor man and the Robber]

Posted by Grace Feng on September 23, 2013

Humor in Chinese for Beginner to Elementary Chinese students - 穷人和强盗 [The Poor man and the Robber]

In this short humor that is written in Beginner to Elementary level Chinese, you’ll get familiar with two main words:

穷人   qióngrén   –   the poor man

强盗   qiángdào  –   the robber

Let’s read together and see if you can understand the humor without the help of English translation.


[simplified Chinese]




突然, 一个强盗闯了进来. 穷人被惊醒.

强盗用枪指着穷人说, “别动!我只找钱,你要是乱动,我马上杀了你!"



[vocabulary table]

Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Mandarin Pinyin English Definition
穷人 窮人 qióng rén poor people
睡觉 睡覺 shuì jiào to sleep
突然  rán suddenly
强盗 強盜 qiáng dào robber
chuǎng to break through
惊醒 驚醒 jīng xǐng to be woken by sth
要是 yào shi if


qióngrén hé qiángdào

yī gè qióngrén zài shuìjiào.

tūrán, yī gè qiángdào chuǎng le jìnlái. qióngrén bèi jīngxǐng.

qiángdào yòng qiāng zhǐ zhe qióngrén shuō, ” bié dòng! wǒ zhǐ zhǎoqián, nǐ yàoshi luàndòng, wǒ mǎshàng shā le nǐ!"

qióngrén kǔxiào zhe shuō:" wǒ bù luàndòng, wǒ zhǐ xiǎngqilai, gēn nǐ yīqǐ zhǎoqián."


[traditional Chinese]




突然, 一個強盜闖了進來. 窮人被驚醒.

強盜用槍指著窮人說, “別動!我只找錢,你要是亂動,我馬上殺了你!"



[English translation]

The Poor Man and the Robber

A poor man was sleeping.

Suddenly, a robber broke in. And the poor man was woken up.

The robber pointed his gun at the poor man and said,”Don’t move! I only look for money, if you move, I’ll kill you!”

The poor man grinned, “I won’t fool around, I just wanted to get up, and look for money together with you.”


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5 Responses to “Humor in Chinese for Beginner to Elementary Chinese students – 穷人和强盗 [The Poor man and the Robber]”

  1. nothing


    09-26-2013 11:12 am



  2. nothing


    11-02-2013 1:17 am





    My joke comes from
    I will give you a satisfying translation later, hard work though, even if the Google translator can help me again …


    • nothing


      11-02-2013 2:18 am

      Holmes and Watson once went camping.
      Inside the tent, both of them fell asleep.

      In the middle of the night, Holmes woke Watson suddenly.
      And pointing at the starry sky, Holmes said :
      “Watson, look at the starry sky, what are your feelings then ?”

      After looking at the stars, Watson replied :
      “This starry sky makes me feel that we are really small humans who should cherish our lives for the benefit of the society, and make a contribution to the world. So, Sherlock Holmes, how about you?”

      Holmes staring at the starry sky said:
      “Damn you ! — Our tent is gone.”

      Btw, little mistake here, the simplified Chinese is: … …之后 ( = After… … )


      • nothing

        Grace Feng:

        11-02-2013 1:24 pm

        Hi Joseph, this IS very funny, it does make me laugh out loud, hehe …

        Your translation is actually very good. May I post this joke as a new post? I’ll credit the work to you and show appreciation to the source link?

        Please let me know, thanks!

        On a side note, I camped a lot and I believe the joke is based on a bottomless tent. Technically modern tents are all one piece fabric (bottom and dome), it’s not possible to be stolen without the owner. The writer of the joke sure had very good imagination. :-)



  3. nothing


    11-02-2013 7:45 pm

    Dear Grace,

    You say good translation ? Thanks…Improvements would be welcome nonetheless. You guess that I belong to your fan club and, of course, you can borrow that joke which is not mine actually…Besides, jokes are made to travel around the world and, yes, sure, I also would be very glad to have the vocabulary explained. Thanks again. Great ! You know that I am sincerely in favour of cooperative farming…

    You say modern tents ? “Sherlock Holmes” has been written at the end of the nineteenth century, 哈哈.
    You see that I don’t want to let you score a point here but you can’t see that I am also sticking out my tongue at you, 嗯!Grace 哦, do I still belong to your fan club now ?

    Conclusion : It is definitely OK and you are so lucky to live in Canada, that is the best place for camping and for fishing too maybe…Holmes and Watson were camping near Toronto when the big bear stole their tent, certainly.


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