Hot Chinese slang that prepare you for a brand new Chinese movie – 搜索 “Caught in the Web”

Posted by Grace Feng on July 8, 2012

Hot Chinese slangs that prep you for a brand new Chinese movie - 搜索 "Caught in the Web"Learning Chinese slang should be included in your Learn Mandarin online agenda if you haven’t done it yet. Slang in mandarin will enrich your oral Chinese vocab and raise your comprehension level for real life conversations and contemporary Chinese movies.

A new film directed by famous Chinese director Chen Kaige was making its theatrical premiere on July 06. It’s named 搜索 sōu suǒ (Caught in the Web). It’s a story about the contemporary life in China with the impact of the powerful Internet. The moment of a small thing happened on a bus was captured and broadcast through the web.

The life of the lady being caught in the web and other people around her changed drastically since then. The ending is cruel and the truth is surprising. It’s definitely a film worth watching if you want to know and understand the reality of today’s China.

However, for my Chinese learners, if you plan to learn some Chinese from watching the film, you’d better prepare yourself with some hot Chinese slangs that are most talked in cyber China. Those are also the topics that’ll be covered in the film:


人肉搜索 rénròusōusuǒ (human flesh search; a large-scale collective effort to find details about a person or event)

网络围剿 wǎngluò wéijiǎo ( web siege, identify the person behind the IP through all resources on the web)

小三 xiǎosān (sb who is romantically involved with sb already in a committed relationship)

精神出轨 jīngshén chūguǐ (cheat on sb. mentally only)

家庭冷暴力 jiātíng lěng bàolì (emotional abuse in domestic violence)

职场上位 zhíchǎng shàngwèi (manage to get promoted in workplace)


If you’re currently living in China, you should be able to watch it in movie theaters. If you’re living out of China, then better wait for the DVD version to be available. I’ll post the movie trailer here for you to have a quick look.


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