Do you know each age group has a cool name in Chinese? Which “name” you are under now?

Posted by Grace Feng on April 20, 2012

Do you know each age group has a cool name in Chinese? Which "name" you are under now?To learn mandarin is not only about learning language itself. It is even more important if you can learn some useful knowledge from Chinese culture. It’ll give your language learning great help for sure.

Today I’d like to introduce a group of cool Chinese names for each age group. These names were created by ancient Chinese that do reflect the main spirit of each age group. See which “name” you’re under now?

The most frequent used names in Chinese articles are 而立, 不惑, 知天命 and 古稀. If you do a search of any of the above name, you’ll see they are being used all over the place. After this post, you should be able to accurately figure out what age group it is implying next time you read about any of those words.

shí suì bù chóu


10 years old “no worries”


    èrshí bù huǐ


     20 years old “no regrets”




           30 years old “establishing”


             sìshí bùhuò


                40 years old “not confused anymore”


                  wǔshí zhī Tiānmìng


                      50 years old “aware of the end of your life”


                          liùshí ěr shun


                                 60 years old “able to listen to any voice calmly”


                                  qīshí gǔxī


                                          70 years old “rare treasure”


                                        bāshí màodié 


                                                 80 years old “gray and venerable”


                                                jiǔshí lǎo tong


                                                            90 years old “old child”


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      04-21-2012 2:58 am

      谢谢Barry, 让我了解到莎士比亚的”7 ages of man” in “As You Like It”. 我刚刚在youtube看了这段话剧, 演得真好.我是先看了中文翻译才看的, 所以大致上都听明白了.:-)

      没关系, 不惑的人对他要做的事有明确的想法,就算遇到”困惑”的难题,也总能找到办法解决.所以”困惑”对不惑的人来说不是问题, 而是动力. :-)


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