Discover ways to say “It’s just right!” in Chinese?

Posted by Grace Feng on June 2, 2012

Discover ways to say "It's just right!" in Chinese?For a beginner level Chinese language learner, to tell people “It’s just right!” in Chinese can be easily fixed by a simple word: “Good. ” – 好的 hǎo de! However, don’t you feel bored if your company keeps using the same blank words like “good”, “yes” or “no” again and again? :-)

For Chinese language beginners, these words may help you survive, but they won’t help you any more than that. You really need to learn more expressions of one type of question or answer to show the wonderful colors of your personality. Chinese culture is by large people based culture, a good grip on the art of expression is essential if your goal is to go deeper into the culture, the people and the society through Chinese language. That’s also one of my goals to set up this Learn Chinese online blog.

There are many different ways to say “It’s just right. ” in Chinese. Here on this post, I’ll recommend a few common ways with slight variations for your reference.

1. Pattern “不…不…,正好 (bù… bù…, zhènghǎo)!”

You need to fill in two opposite characters after both ““. Such as :

bù cháng bù duǎn, zhènghǎo! 


Not too long not too short, just right!


bù duō bùshǎo, zhènghǎo!


Not too much not too less, just right!

2. 正好 zhèng hǎo can be replaced with 正合适 zhèng hé shì, such as:

bù sōng bù jǐn, zhèng hé shì!

不松不紧, 正合适!

Not too loose not too tight, just right!


3. 恰到好处 qià dào hǎo chù or simply 恰好 qiàhǎo

These two words can be placed after 不…不… as well. For example,

bùdà bù xiǎo, qiàdàohǎochù. 

不大不小, 恰到好处.

Not too big not too small, just right.


bù gāo bù dī, qiàhǎo.

不高不低, 恰好.

Not too high not too low, just right.

These kinds of patterns are usually used to answer people’s questions like “Is it too long? ” , “Do you want a bit more?” “Does it look right to you?” etc.. Therefore, your answer mostly likely should include a “thank you” to conclude it. Your full response would likely be something like this :

Q: zhè tiáo qúnzi zěnmeyàng? 

Q: 这条裙子怎么样?

Q: How do you feel about this skirt?


A: bù cháng bù duǎn, zhènghǎo, xièxie。

A: 不长不短,正好,谢谢。

A: Not too long not too short, it’s just right, thanks..

Or, answer this way :

A: bù cháng bù duǎn, qiàdàohǎochù, xièxie。

A: 不长不短,恰到好处,谢谢。

A: Not too long not too short, it’s just right, thanks..

Now let’s conclude our mini lesson today with some practice questions for you:

1. 你觉得这部电影是不是太长?

2. 你的咖啡够甜吗?

3. 我的衬衣是不是太大了?

Please give your “It’s just right.” answers. Look up new words by yourself, through online dictionary or any other tools you have.

When you finish, feel free to leave your answers in the comment area. If you know any other ways to say “It’s just right.” in Chinese, please feel free to share with us too. Thanks…

The Best!


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2 Responses to “Discover ways to say “It’s just right!” in Chinese?”

  1. nothing


    06-03-2012 1:30 pm

    Hi Grace. I have to admit that the phrase 恰到好处 is a new one to me.

    In your second practice sentence the answer would be 够/不够…wouldn’t it?



  2. nothing


    06-04-2012 3:37 am

    白睿, yes, a simple “够” or “够甜” would be good enough.

    You can also say:”够甜,正好,谢谢!” to emphasize “It’s not only sweet enough, the taste is just right (not overly sweet), thanks!”



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