Chinese Story for Beginner (HSK 1-2) 电脑里的妈妈 Mom in the Computer [9]

Posted by Grace Feng on May 30, 2016

I tried again to meet Mom in the computer.

Chinese Story for Beginner (HSK 1-2) 电脑里的妈妈

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<Simplified Chinese>

电脑里的妈妈 9




diànnǎo lǐ de māma 1

nà tiān wǎn shang, wǒ yòu zuò dào diàn nǎo páng, yī biān huà huà, yī biān děng mā ma。 zhè yàng wǒ jiù bù huì shuì zháo le。


<English Translation>

Mom in the Computer

That night, I sat in front of the computer again, drawing and waiting for Mom. Doing that would prevent me from falling asleep again.


<Traditional Chinese>




To be continued …



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2 Responses to “Chinese Story for Beginner (HSK 1-2) 电脑里的妈妈 Mom in the Computer [9]”

  1. nothing

    name Farley:

    12-29-2016 5:37 pm

    I love this story! But I think this chapter has the wrong audio file in the download link?


    • nothing

      Grace Feng:

      12-30-2016 2:45 pm

      Thank you Farley for letting me know, this has just been corrected. :-)

      Sorry for the inconvenience.



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