Chinese Story for Beginner (HSK 1-2) 电脑里的妈妈 Mom in the Computer [3]

Posted by Grace Feng on May 18, 2016

So we all went to the airport in a cab …

Chinese Story for Beginner (HSK 1-2) 电脑里的妈妈

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<Simplified Chinese>

电脑里的妈妈 3




diànnǎo lǐ de māma 3

hòu lái, bà ba, mā ma hé wǒ zuò chū zū chē qù le fēi jī chǎng。 wǒ kàn dào hěn duō dà fēi jī, shén me yán sè dōu yǒu, wǒ hǎo gāo xìng。 dàn bà ba què kū le。


<English Translation>

Mom in the Computer 3

Later on, Dad, Mom and I took a taxi to the airport. I was able to see many huge airplanes in various colors. I was so happy. But Dad was in tears.


<Traditional Chinese>

電腦裏的媽媽 3



To be continued …



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2 Responses to “Chinese Story for Beginner (HSK 1-2) 电脑里的妈妈 Mom in the Computer [3]”

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    02-19-2017 5:32 am

    Dear Grace,

    Thank you very much for all your short stories and lessons.
    I really benefit a lot from this website.
    May it continue to fluorish and help even more students in the future :)


    • nothing

      Grace Feng:

      02-24-2017 4:49 am

      Thanks Dy for your message. Yes, the site will continue to run and help more students although I might not update as often sometimes. :-)



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