Chinese Story for Beginner (HSK 1-2) 电脑里的妈妈 Mom in the Computer [15]

Posted by Grace Feng on June 11, 2016

My drawing told about my dream.

Chinese Story for Beginner (HSK 1-2) 电脑里的妈妈

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<Simplified Chinese>

电脑里的妈妈 15




diànnǎo lǐ de māma 15

wǒ duì bà ba shuō,“ bù shì de, zhèng fāng xíng shì nǐ de diàn nǎo, wǒ xiǎng hé nǐ yīqǐ zhù jìn qù, hé mā ma zài yī qǐ!"


<English Translation>

Mom in the Computer 15

I told Dad,”No, the square is your computer, I want you and me to move in there, so we can all live with Mom together!”


<Traditional Chinese>

電腦裏的媽媽 15



– The End –



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8 Responses to “Chinese Story for Beginner (HSK 1-2) 电脑里的妈妈 Mom in the Computer [15]”

  1. nothing


    08-09-2016 1:32 pm

    Ooh, the story is good. I have enjoyed it.


    • nothing

      Grace Feng:

      08-18-2016 3:47 am

      So glad to know that you enjoyed the simple story, Nduta. :-)



  2. nothing


    09-03-2016 6:51 am

    No happy ending?
    Really great, I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. It taught me useful grammer concepts without requiring me to constantly look up unrecognized words in the dictionary. Thanks Grace!


    • nothing

      Grace Feng:

      09-04-2016 2:36 am

      You’re welcome, Cg. Glad to help. :-)



  3. nothing


    09-26-2016 6:08 am

    Just chiming in to say how much I love this site. There is no reason why learning Chinese (or any language) needs to be so expensive in the 21st century. Thanks, Grace for putting culture before dollars and offering us these great learning tools. I’ve finished a few stories and my Chinese has seriously improved – so much so – that I no longer believe that one can learn Chinese without first achieving literacy through the Chinese characters. Fortunately, learning them is fun. Thanks Grace for the culture – and for the hobby.


  4. nothing

    KO KO:

    04-07-2017 9:02 am

    Enjoy the story. Thanks


  5. nothing


    08-24-2017 2:28 pm

    Love the story, i was expecting also some sort of happy ending hehe, but this is great


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