Chinese Story for Beginner (HSK 1-2) 电脑里的妈妈 Mom in the Computer [1]

Posted by Grace Feng on May 15, 2016

Hello my friends! After a long long break, I’m back again. Hope everyone is still doing great!

One message from JLC reader had bothered me for quite a while:”Why can’t I find pure beginner level stories on this site?” Well, that’s a very good question and to be honest I just don’t know what to write about with pure beginner level vocabulary.

The good news is: I just DID! It’s not as hard as I thought initially. With words you learned from HSK 1 and 2, you should be able to read and understand this simple story. I made illustration for each page (fifteen in total) with the fancy Paper 53 app and zero talent. :-) Please bare with me if you can’t find art in the drawing.

I strongly recommend you to read right in the picture first,  then use the annotations below the picture  to help you learn.

OK, I’ll let you to read now. As usual, feedback is very well welcomed.

Chinese Story for Beginner (HSK 1-2) 电脑里的妈妈

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Download mp3 here: mom01.mp3

<Simplified Chinese>

电脑里的妈妈  1




diànnǎo lǐ de māma  1

wǒ de míng zi jiào xiǎo hóng, jīn nián wǔ suì le。 wǒ yǒu yī gè ài wǒ de mā ma, hé yī gè ài wǒ de bàba。 wǒ xiǎo de shí hou, mā ma hé wǒ men zhù zài yīqǐ。 mā ma hé wǒ yī qǐ wán, yī qǐ shuì, wǒ hěn gāo xìng。


<English Translation>

Mom in the Computer 1

My name is Xiao Hong, and I am five years old this year. I have a loving Mom, and a loving Dad. When I was little, Mom lived with us. Mom played with me, and slept with me, I was very happy.


<Traditional Chinese>




To be continued …


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3 Responses to “Chinese Story for Beginner (HSK 1-2) 电脑里的妈妈 Mom in the Computer [1]”

  1. nothing

    Joey C.:

    07-09-2016 3:32 am

    I find your site so well organized and thoughtful. I showed it to my private tutor here in Singapore and she was so impressed. You could say I’m somewhere between beginner and intermediate. Thanks for all your hard work! 谢谢你,辛苦了!


    • nothing

      Grace Feng:

      07-09-2016 12:08 pm

      不用谢,Joey, 很高兴能帮到你。:-)



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