Chinese Short Story 心锁 Lock of The Heart [Elementary Level] 29

Posted by Grace Feng on April 30, 2015

Luo Zhiyuan asked Dr. Lin what exactly treatment she gave Xiaoji, and whether it’s possible for her to regain those memories.

Chinese Short Story 心锁 Lock of The Heart [Elementary Level]

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心锁 29






xīn suǒ 29

yī bǎi gōnglǐ wài de kāfēitīng lǐ。

luózhì yuǎn wèn lín lín," nǐ nàge shíhou wéi tā cuīmián, méiyǒu wánquán mǒqù tā de jìyì ma?"

“ méiyǒu, wǒ suǒ zuò de, zhǐshì dǎ luàn tā duì shìgù de jìyì, ràng tā biànchéng méiyǒu guānlián de suìpiàn。 dàn zài yīdìng tiáojiàn xià, tā shì kěyǐ huīfù nàxiē jìyì de。"

“ rúguǒ tā zhēn xiǎngqilai le…" luózhì yuǎn bù gǎn zài wǎng xià xiǎng。 



Chinese Trad. Pinyin English Definition
关联 關聯 guān lián related; linked
碎片 suì piàn fragment


[Traditional Chinese]


心鎖 29








Lock of the Heart 29

In the coffee shop one hundred kilo meters away.

Luo Zhiyuan asked Lin Lin, “At that time when you treated her with hibernation, did you helped her wipe out the whole block of memories?”

“No. All I did was to fragment her memories of the incident. It became a mess of unrelated pieces. However, under certain circumstances, it is possible to piece them together again.”

“If she does remember now … ” Luo Zhiyuan dared not to continue on those thoughts.


To be continued …
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