Chinese readings: A Real Mystery Story in Lop Nur 失踪 (Missing) 3 [Elmentary]

Posted by Grace Feng on March 10, 2013

In last chapter, Chinese readings: A Real Mystery Story in Lop Nur 失踪 (Missing) 2 [Upper Beginner], 彭加木 had a discussion with his team on whether they should drive out again to search for water wells. The team had been really tired after one and half month exploration. They were not excited on Peng’s idea of searching water wells. We’ll see what happened next in this chapter …

Chinese readings: A Real Mystery Story in Lop Nur 失踪 (Missing) 3 [Upper Beginner]

The last note left by 彭加木 (我向东去找水井。17/6 10:30 彭)

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[simplified Chinese]

失踪  [3]


可是,队员们都很累。罗布泊白天温度能有50C, 很热,风很大。大家都走不动了,想等部队送水来再说。







   “我往东去找水井。17/6 10:30 彭”




[vocab table]

Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Mandarin Pinyin English Definition
可是 可是 ke3 shi4 but; however;
lei2 tired
温度 溫度 wen1 du4 temperature
neng2 could
re4 hot (of weather)
已经 已經 yi3 jing1 already
了解 瞭解 liao3 jie3 to understand; to realize
一边 一邊 yi1 bian1 doing while; refer to Lesson 11 How to describe “doing things at the same time” in Chinese?
确定 確定 que4 ding4 to confirm
时间 時間 shi2 jian1 time
高兴 高興 gao1 xing4 happy; glad
经常 經常 jing1 chang2 often
纸条 紙條 zhi3 tiao2 slip of paper; paper note
明白 明白 ming2 bai5 to understand; to realize; synonym of 了解
小时 小時 xiao3 shi2 hour



shī zōng  [3]

kěshì, duìyuán men dōu hěn lèi。 Luóbùbó báitiān wēndù néng yǒu50C, hěn rè, fēng hěn dà。 dàjiā dōu zǒu bùdòng le, xiǎng děng bùduì sòng shuǐ lái zàishuō。

Péng jiā mù yǐjīng lái guò Luóbùbó sāncì, duì zhège dìfang hěn liǎojiě, tā yībiān kàn dìtú, yībiān xiǎng zhe zěnme qù zhǎo shuǐjǐng。

shí diǎn duō de shíhou, Péng jiā mù yīgèrén zǒu le chūqù。

zhōngwǔ shí’èr diǎn, bùduì yòu fā láixìn xī, quèdìng fēijī sòng shuǐ de shíjiān。

duìyuán hěn gāoxìng, xiǎng bǎ bùduì de xìnxī gěi duìzhǎng kàn。 kěshì, tāmen méiyǒu kàn dào duìzhǎng。

duìzhǎng jīngcháng huì yīgèrén chūqù kànkan, dàjiā méiyǒu juéde yǒu shénme bùduì。

kěshì guò le yīhuìr, yǒu yī gè duìyuán zài chē shàng kàn dào Péng jiā mù de dìtú。 dìtú shàng yǒu yī zhāng zhǐtiáo, zhǐtiáo shàng xiě zhe:

    ” wǒ wǎngdōng qù zhǎo shuǐjǐng。17/6 10:30 Péng”

zhège shíhou, dàjiā cái míngbai, duìzhǎng shì yīgèrén qù zhǎo shuǐ le。

jǐge xiǎoshí guòqu le, Péng jiā mù méiyǒu huílai。


[traditional Chinese]


失踪  [3]


可是,隊員們都很累。羅布泊白天溫度能有50C, 很熱,風很大。大家都走不動了,想等部隊送水來再說。







      “我東去找水井。17/6 10:30 彭”




[English tranlstion]

Missing  [3]

However, the whole team was very tired. The temperature of Lop Nur could go up to 50C in the day time. It was very hot, and the wind was strong. They didn’t want to move again, they just wanted to wait for the army to deliver water for them and see.

Peng Jia Mu had been to Lop Nur three times, he had very good knowledge of that place. He was looking at the map, and thinking about how to find the water well.

Sometime after ten, Peng went out alone.

Twelve o’clock at noon, the army sent in massage again to confirm the exact time of water delivery.

The team members were very happy, they wanted to tell it to their chief. However, they didn’t see him.

The chief used to look around on his own, no one sensed anything strange.

Yet after a little while, one team member found chief’s map on the car. There was a paper note left on the map too, it was written:

               I’m going east to search for water wells. 17/6 10:30 Peng

Only at that time, the team realized that chief went searching for water on his own.

A few hours passed, Peng didn’t come back.


To be continued …


Reading Comprehension Test of 失踪 (Missing) 3

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Question 1
What kind of weather it was like in Lop Nur in that season?

hot and windy


windy and cold


hot and rainy

Question 2
What was the message that made the team happy?

the army just approved to send water to them


the army just arrived


the army confirmed the exact delivery time for the water

Question 3
Why the chief of the team went out alone?

to have a walk


to bring message to the army


to search for the water well that he believed existed

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  1. nothing


    01-19-2016 7:20 pm


    Please, Grace, could you tell me the difference between 了解 and 理解 ?


    • nothing

      Grace Feng:

      01-20-2016 3:18 am

      Batman, see if this helps:

      了解: be very familiar with something/someone; have enough knowledge about something/someone
      理解: understand why something works in certain way; understand the reason behind people’s behavior or feelings; understand the logic and theory

      理解 focus on “understand”, 了解 focus on “know”.


      • nothing


        01-20-2016 10:10 am

        To understand : 了解 or 理解 ?
        理解 : more reflexion is involved in the process of acquiring the knowledge. I think I get it now.

        Thanks a lot. The approach is probably the same with 以为 (to think=to feel) and 觉得 (to think=to reflect on).


      • nothing


        01-20-2016 10:19 am

        Sorry, I made a mistake, the order of the definitions was reversed.

        And I wanted to say :
        To think :
        以为 (to think=to reflect on) and 觉得 (to think=to feel).


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          Grace Feng:

          01-23-2016 4:41 am

          Yes, Batman, you just shared with us a similar pair. :-)



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    03-07-2016 8:08 am

    Dear Grace,
    It took me a long time to read the handwritten text in the picture.
    I found out that it reads
    往not 向
    I like reading handwritten characters.


    • nothing

      Grace Feng:

      03-19-2016 4:32 am

      You’re definitely right, Pat!

      It is “往”, not “向”. You got good eyes for sure. :-)

      I’ve just corrected it in the text. Will fix the recording later.



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