Chinese readings: A Real Mystery Story in Lop Nur 失踪 (Missing) 12 [Elementary]

Posted by Grace Feng on April 2, 2013

Yu Chun Shun was found dead in his tent five days after his missing: A Real Mystery Story in Lop Nur 失踪 (Missing) 11 [Elmentary]. As well prepared as he did, he didn’t turn right where he supposed to turn on the third day. He went straight ahead and missed his chance of surviving. In his last hours, he used his knife, which had accompanied him over the years through many adventures, to dig into the sand hoping to find water. That had left two big sand holes near his body. It also made us to think, probably 26 years ago, Peng Jia Mu did the same thing when he was searching for water alone. The hole he dig was probably deep enough for him to hide inside to cool down a bit. But that eventually led him to be buried deep down with no trace to be found…

Chinese readings: A Real Mystery Story in Lop Nur 失踪 (Missing) 12 [Elementary]1. Tomb of Yu Chun Shun in Lopnur;  2. The letter from Peng Jia Mu’s wife buried under the tome of Peng in Lopnur;  3. What Lopnur looks like from satellite.


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[simplified Chinese]

失踪  [12]


彭加木和余纯顺, 两个有着强烈的愿望要征服罗布泊的人,最终都没有走出这片沙漠。彭加木的遗体至今没有找到.


多年以前的罗布泊是个巨大的湖泊。后来,因为自然和人为的原因,它最终变成了沙漠。它的黄沙里埋藏着许多远古文明, 同时也埋藏着神秘的诅咒。


另外,你可千万不要离开同伴, 一个人行走。在这个巨大的耳洞里,你可能会很快迷失方向, 成为下一个失踪的人!


[vocab table]

Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Mandarin Pinyin English Definition
强烈 強烈 qiang2 lie4 intense; strong
愿望 願望 yuan4 wang4 desire; wish
最终 最終 zui4 zhong1 final; ultimate
遗体 遺體 yi2 ti3 remains (of a dead person)
至今 至今 zhi4 jin1 to this day; until now
卫星 衛星 wei4 xing1 (space) satellite
巨大 巨大 ju4 da4 huge; enormous
耳朵 耳朵 er3 duo5 ear
宇宙 宇宙 yu3 zhou4 universe
神秘 神祕 shen2 mi4 mysterious
无声无息 無聲無息 wu2 sheng1 wu2 xi1 noiselessly; silently;
吞噬 吞噬 tun1 shi4 to swallow; to engulf
湖泊 湖泊 hu2 po1 lake
自然 自然 zi4 ran2 nature
人为 人為 ren2 wei2 having human cause or origin; human attempt or effort;
埋藏 埋藏 mai2 cang2 to bury; to hide by burying
远古 遠古 yuan3 gu3 ancient times
文明 文明 wen2 ming2 civilization
诅咒 詛咒 zu3 zhou4 curse; spell
亲爱的 親愛的 qin1 ai4 de5 dear
读者 讀者 du2 zhe3 reader
勇士 勇士 yong3 shi4 a warrior; a brave person
沉睡 沉睡 chen2 shui4 to be fast asleep; to lie undiscovered;
孤单 孤單 gu1 dan1 loneliness
另外 另外 ling4 wai4 in addition; moreover



shī zōng  [12]

Péng jiā mù hé yú chún shùn, liǎng gè yǒuzhe qiángliè de yuànwàng yào zhēngfú Luóbùbó de rén, zuìzhōng dōu méiyǒu zǒuchū zhè piàn shāmò。 Péng jiā mù de yítǐ zhìjīn méiyǒu zhǎodào.

cóng wèixīng shàng kàn, Luóbùbó xiàng yī gè jùdà de ěrduo。 tā yībiān xiàng yǔzhòu fāsòng zhe shénmì de xìnxī, yībiān wúshēngwúxī dì tūnshì zhe shēngmìng。

duō nián yǐqián de Luóbùbó shì gè jùdà de húpō。 hòulái, yīnwèi zìrán hé rénwéi de yuányīn, tā zuìzhōng biànchéng le shāmò。tā de huáng shā lǐ máicáng zhe xǔduō yuǎngǔ wénmíng, tóngshí yě máicáng zhe shénmì de zǔzhòu。

qīn’ài de dúzhě, rúguǒ yǒu yī tiān, nǐ zìjǐ zǒujìn le Luóbùbó zhè piàn shāmò, qǐng xiàng Péng jiā mù hé yú chún shùn liǎng wèi yǒngshì wèn shēng hǎo! tāmen zài shāmò lǐ chénshuì yīdìng hěn gūdān。

lìngwài, nǐ kě qiānwàn bùyào líkāi tóngbàn, yīgèrén xíngzǒu。 zài zhège jùdà de ěrdòng lǐ, nǐ kěnéng huì hěn kuài míshī fāngxiàng, chéngwéi xiàyīge shīzōng de rén!


[traditional Chinese]

失蹤  [12]


彭加木和餘純順, 兩個有著強烈的願望要征服羅布泊的人,最終都沒有走出這片沙漠。彭加木的遺體至今沒有找到.


多年以前的羅布泊是個巨大的湖泊。後來,因為自然和人為的原因,它最終變成了沙漠。它的黃沙裏埋藏著許多遠古文明, 同時也埋藏著神秘的詛咒。


另外,你可千萬不要離開同伴, 一個人行走。在這個巨大的耳洞裏,你可能會很快迷失方向, 成為下一個失蹤的人!


[English translation]

Peng Jia Mu and Yu Chun Shun, two men with strong desire to conquer Lop Nur, weren’t able to walk out of the desert. The body of Peng Jia Mu remained unfound up to today.

Looking from the satellite, Lop Nur is like a giant ear. It is sending mysterious massages to the universe while engulfing lives silently.

Lop Nur was a huge lake many years ago. Sometime later, due to both nature and human caused reasons, it eventually turned into a desert. What buried down in its yellow sand is ancient civilization and mysterious curses.

Dear readers, if one day in the future, you yourself walked into the desert of Lop Nur, please greet to Peng Jia Mu and Yu Chun Shun, the two brave souls. They must have been lonely lying down in the desert.

On a side note, please don’t leave your friends and walk away on your own. In this huge ear hole, you’re very likely to lost your directions, and become the next lost soul!


Reading Comprehension Test of 失踪 (Missing) 12

Congratulations - you have completed Reading Comprehension Test of 失踪 (Missing) 12. You scored %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your performance has been rated as %%RATING%%
Your answers are highlighted below.
Question 1
What does Lop Nur look like from satellite?

a huge ear


a big city


a huge lake

Question 2
Had Peng Jia Mu's body ever been found?




Question 3
If you do come to Lop Nur one day, would you remember the advice I gave you? :-)

No. "Walking alone is fine, nothing will happen."


Yes. "Don't walk away alone!"

Once you are finished, click the button below. Any items you have not completed will be marked incorrect. Get Results
There are 3 questions to complete.



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11 Responses to “Chinese readings: A Real Mystery Story in Lop Nur 失踪 (Missing) 12 [Elementary]”

  1. nothing


    04-03-2013 4:34 pm

    you’re funny…after such a creepy story, you tell me ” if ever im going into this desert…” no im not going in there !


    • nothing

      Grace Feng:

      04-04-2013 1:48 pm

      hehe… kaviche, my bad. :-)

      However creepy the place is, people wouldn’t give up on trying. That’s human nature I guess. :-D

      The following is the description of a tour to Lop Nur offered in China:

      D5: Lop Nur town-the heart of the dead lake-Lop Nur town
      We will visit the biggest Potash Salt Pan all over the world after breakfast, travel along the Lop Nor lake bottom, and have a lunch and take photos there. We will visit the Zhao Ziyun monument and Yu Chunshun’s burial place and then get back to Lop Nur Town.
      Overnight: camping


      • nothing


        04-07-2013 3:02 pm

        wow, would never have thought they organize excursions to there !! do they really get any customers ..i doubt it..

        i saw in another post of your’s ” should you learn vocab or sentence order first” i totally agree with u..i think its b/c the craze for smart phones etc.. but pple kinda ” hey today i reviewed 50 flashcards /50 new words” wat’s the use if u never see those words in context ? it removes the fun part of learning a language..i firmly believe that i should not be knowing a word b/c i memorized it by heart but rather b/c it turns up often in my readings ! that simple !!


  2. nothing


    04-03-2013 8:10 pm

    Thank you for all your hard work in writing and posting this story for us Chinese learners’ Grace. :D I really enjoyed it.


    • nothing

      Grace Feng:

      04-04-2013 1:32 pm

      You’re welcome, 白睿. My pleasure to share the mystery. :-)



  3. nothing


    04-13-2013 7:27 am

    Hi, this is a very mysterious story. I heard a summary of it while watching a Taiwanese variety show. But they also mentioned something about Sha Min (Sand Citizens?) and Jing Xiang Ren (Mirror Like People…perhaps mirage?) which is more difficult to read the subtitles of and understand in Chinese.

    I was trying to look up what they were saying but I didn’t find out. Though I now know how the second explorer met his demise; it was very unfortunate.


    • nothing

      Grace Feng:

      04-13-2013 1:51 pm

      Hehe… Summer, that story went like this. 沙民 (sand people) were a group of soldiers that escaped into Lop Nur near the end of 1940s during a battle. They disappeared since. A decade later, they re-appeared from the desert and attacked the local army in organized groups. Witness said that they looked like corpses and didn’t eat or drink. They appeared in clones (镜像人) and were fearless. That attracted government’s attention and led to a series of scientific exploration missions to Lop Nur. It was said that an ancient device was found in a secrete cave under the sand that could copy creatures or human. Another explanation was that a certain virus that resides in plants could turn human into corpse-like fearless warriors. That’s one of the main reason led to Peng’s exploration because he was also a top virus scientist. The sand people were all destroyed in the nuclear test in 1960s.

      That legend sounds too fictional to me, so I didn’t include it into my story. Hope my explanation can help you to understand the show a bit better. :-)


  4. nothing


    11-14-2015 3:20 am

    I have to say it is very complex. Maybe something is not as simple as we think. There are so many mysteries what human beings can not explain in the world that we always ask ourselves do what we think is the exact truth?


    • nothing

      Grace Feng:

      11-15-2015 6:13 am

      Totally agree, Shannon. There are so many possibilities we even can’t think of. We have to admit that we don’t know everything about our world.



  5. nothing

    Luqman Michel:

    04-17-2017 11:22 pm

    Just can’t understand why Yu Chun Shun would refuse to bring GSP with him. It would have been a small item.What a tragedy!


    • nothing

      Grace Feng:

      04-20-2017 12:38 am

      Maybe he wanted to prove that he could complete the mission without any help of orientation, I guess?


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