Chinese contemporary poem – By Your Side 与你同行

Posted by Grace Feng on October 28, 2013

Chinese contemporary poem - By Your Side 与你同行 席慕容 xí Mùróng ‘s love poems are so pure and genuine. Sometimes they’re full of wisdom too.

Real love sometimes is just simple wishes. They are so humble, yet so not simple to fulfill. This little love poem will tell you a simple story about love that fails to blossom.

I’d rate it at Elementary Chinese level. Hope you like it.

You can click the following link to listen to the recitation of the poem (slow speed with “Tears” as its background music):


[simplified Chinese]




我一直想要 和你一起 走上那条美丽的山路

有柔风 有白云 有你在我身旁


我的要求其实很微小 只要有过那样的一个夏日

只要走过 那样的一次

而朝我迎来的 日复以夜 却都是一些不被料到的安排

还有那麽多琐碎的错误 将我们慢慢地慢慢地隔开

让今夜的我 终於明白

所有的悲欢都已成灰烬 任世间哪一条路我都不能




yǔ nǐ tóngháng

xí Mùróng

wǒ yīzhí xiǎngyào hé nǐ yīqǐ zǒu shàng nà tiáo měilì de shānlù
yǒu róu fēng yǒu báiyún yǒu nǐ zài wǒ shēn páng
qīngtīng wǒ kuàilè hé gǎnjī de xīn

wǒ de yāoqiú qíshí hěn wēixiǎo zhǐyào yǒu guò nàyàng de yī gè xiàrì
zhǐyào zǒuguò nàyàng de yīcì

ér cháo wǒ yíng lái de rì fù yǐ yè què dōu shì yīxiē bù bèi liàodào de ānpái
háiyǒu nàme duō suǒsuì de cuòwù jiāng wǒmen mànmàn dì mànmàn dì gékāi
ràng jīnyè de wǒ zhōng yú míngbai

suǒyǒu de bēi huān dōu yǐ chéng huījìn rèn shìjiān nǎ yī tiáo lù wǒ dōu bùnéng
yǔ nǐ tóngháng


[English translation]
Courtesy of Sze Kwan Aka CHAN walkingthedao.wordpress.com

By Your Side
(席慕容 Xi Murong,Translation: Aka)

I have always wanted to
walk with you
on that beautiful
mountain trail.

Gentle winds, fluffy clouds
and you by my side,
listening to my
joy-filled and
grateful Heart.

Really, mine is a tiny
insignificant wish.
Just the memory of one
such summer day
just to have lived
that once.

Yet what greeted me
day after day
were unexpected events
and so many trivial mistakes
that slowly rifted a gulf
between you and I
Alas, tonight, I finally

All the joy and sorrow
have become
dying embers amid ashes
No matter which path I take
I would never again be
by your side.


[traditional Chinese]




我一直想要 和你一起 走上那條美麗的山路

有柔風 有白雲 有你在我身旁


我的要求其實很微小 只要有過那樣的一個夏日

只要走過 那樣的一次

而朝我迎來的 日複以夜 卻都是一些不被料到的安排

還有那麽多瑣碎的錯誤 將我們慢慢地慢慢地隔開

讓今夜的我 終於明白

所有的悲歡都已成灰燼 任世間哪一條路我都不能



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14 Responses to “Chinese contemporary poem – By Your Side 与你同行”

  1. nothing


    10-28-2013 7:19 pm



    • nothing

      Grace Feng:

      10-29-2013 2:30 am

      你有这种感觉吗? 对于诗来说, 也许伤感的占多数吧. 这个我觉得可以理解. 但小说类的中文书好象各种风格题材的都有, 不好一概而论.

      这主要看你看的是那类书. 近一百多年来中国社会基本处于连绵不断的战争和动荡状态, 直到最近这二三十年才有所好转. 中国百姓的生活在这样一段历史里自然是悲惨的经历多于快乐的经历. 这大概会是一个原因吧.

      就象欧洲的小说, 涉及二战题材的, 我读过的基调大多比较悲哀. 也有一些黑色幽默的, 象意大利的”Life is Beautiful”.


  2. nothing


    10-30-2013 7:30 pm

    Sorry for writing in English Grace….I have read quite a few 20th century authors…Lu Xun, Ba Jin, Yu Hua and they are all very dark and gloomy! Probably because, as you say, the society they live(d) in at the time was wracked by war and revolution. But I just finished reading a nice short story today 铁凝:《哦,香雪》which was not gloomy at all! Also I read 林海音的《城南旧事》which was also a lovely read. 我可能没想那么久,就说出话来吧!


    • nothing

      Grace Feng:

      10-31-2013 3:35 am

      hehe… it’s OK, 白睿. I’m always delighted to hear people’s honest voice. Yes, you just figured out the reason why Lu Xun, Ba Jin and Yu Hua’s books are dark and gloomy. Out of curiosity, I read《哦,香雪》tonight and it’s such a sweet story. Thanks for your recommendation. :-) I watched the movie of 城南旧事 in my childhood and it gave very deep impression. The theme song of the movie was very much memorable too. I’ll post it in a few days.


  3. nothing


    10-31-2013 6:50 pm

    Looking forward to that Grace. :-) 对了,如果我没记错了,是你推荐给我起名了是不是?。那么最近在脸书上有两位年轻中国人问我,请问你是男的还是女的?甚至有一个告诉我说白睿,这个名字是女性的!我有点闷不知道要改不改。你说呢Grace?


    • nothing

      Grace Feng:

      10-31-2013 8:02 pm

      睿字是个中性词, 我曾有一个男同学取这个名字, 也有一个女同学取这个名字。它并不是专门的女性名字。如果用"锐" 字,一般来说只有男孩取这个字。 It’s really up to you. IMHO, I like both. :-)


  4. nothing


    10-31-2013 8:57 pm



    • nothing

      Grace Feng:

      11-02-2013 1:27 pm

      “白”是中国的一个普通姓氏, 一般说取男孩名还是取女孩名区别在姓氏后面的字. 姓氏本身是没有男女之别的. :-)


  5. nothing


    11-01-2013 2:02 pm


    Sometimes, when I feel like the “proud to be rude” attitude is spreading all over the world, visiting websites like yours which mixes knowledge, feelings and generosity all together gives me hope !

    Blogs on hi.nciku have been shut down but I keep on promoting the Nciku dictionary, its notes and conversations ( links at the top and bottom of the nciku.com webpage ).

    So then here, I gave a link to a very simple html webpage of mine, displaying a Youtube video with bilingual subtitles and just the framed Nciku dictionary below there. I am quite busy but I can follow my simple pattern and create like this pages with other Youtube videos. I have already selected Chinese series with bilingual subtitles…According to me, cool stuff using your tablet vertically and also the drawing handwritting keyboard from the settings of your tablet, to search for your unknown words.

    Grace, you have done a good, so huge job – so many wonderful posts – and I have just discovered the new popping boxes with the definitions of the words, really super cool !


    • nothing

      Grace Feng:

      11-02-2013 1:49 pm

      Nice to hear back from you again, Joseph. Thanks for your kind words. :-)

      I watched the video, hehe…, sure it is good learning material with the bilingual subtitles and simple conversations. Good sharing!

      I often use Nciku dictionary to look up better English translation of Chinese idiom and phrases, it’s so far one of the top dictionary tool on the web.



  6. nothing


    11-01-2013 2:19 pm

    Maybe the loading of the Youtube video will take a while afterwards, so just one more minute then please…and the webpage will be OK !


  7. nothing


    11-01-2013 3:37 pm

    Sorry, I forgot :
    To be more precise, I was talking about the CHINESE handwritting keyboard.



  8. nothing


    11-07-2013 6:01 pm

    On Ipads, from the Appstore, you ‘d better look for Google Chrome browser in order to download the Youtube video faster.



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