Can China expat really gain business success in China?

Posted by Grace Feng on February 25, 2012

Can China expat really gain business success in China?China expats are a special group of people who came to live in China in the last 20 years or so for all kinds of reasons. They came to study, to teach, to work, to do business or simply to find love. Expats in China have the best opportunity to be in close contact with the ever-changing fast growing economy of China today.

Living in the center of this huge economy body of the world, has anyone of these China expats been able to gain business success in China? Today I’ll show you one good example that does prove that expats in Shanghai, Beijing, or anywhere of China could possibly succeed in his/her business pursuit.

Known as 胡润(Hú rùn) by Chinese people, the UK rooted Rupert Hoogewerf has established his business called Hurun Report as a leading luxury publishing and events group. It comprises a magazine and active events business targeted at China’s high net worth individuals. Hurun Report is widely recognized as the foremost authority in tracking the rapid changes amongst China’s high net worth individuals.. Hurun Report is making money from advertising on it’s own magazine, hosting all kinds of high end business events etc.

Hurun can speak fluent Mandarin. Graduated in Chinese and Japanese from Durham University in the UK in 1993, Hurun has worked as a qualified chartered accountant for seven years in China before launching Hurun Report. Over the 15 years that he’s spent in China, he has gained in-depth insights into the current Chinese society. In my opinion, his courage, willingness and persistence in reaching the core of Chinese culture and economy has won him the success and pride he achieved today.

From the following interview of Hurun, how do you think about his Mandarin and his points of view about the rich class in China today? Feel free to leave your comment, thanks …


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    02-28-2012 3:43 pm

    Hi Grace..我学中文学了五年了。虽然你写的话使我很开心,其实呀我说话的水平离胡润说的差得远。跟我中国朋友交流经常要靠英语沟通。在real-life 情况中总不能说出来我的看法,这个比在电脑上写字难得很。但是我肯定只要我努力下去会说得跟胡润一样这么好!:)


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      02-29-2012 2:51 am

      “但是我肯定只要我努力下去会说得跟胡润一样这么好!” – 有这样的决心比什么都重要。好样的, Barry!

      你能用电脑打出如此流畅的中文说明你的中文基础很好。口语和听力是需要很多模仿和练习才能有大的提高的。实际上也并不是很难。只要你能坚持不懈地反复听和模仿,抓住一切机会和说中文的人交流, 你的听力和口语都能上升地很快。我在blog里也会不断增加有趣而实用的听力口语练习和关于方法的文章。你也将会读到很多关于怎样用生动的语言表达自己思想的帖子。希望能帮你更快地进步。




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