Best Micro Fiction Award from Sina: flash story 戒指 [The Ring] (Elementary)

Posted by Grace Feng on February 9, 2013

Best Micro Fiction Award from Sina: flash story 戒指 [The Ring] (Elementary)中文微小说 Zhōngwén wēi xiǎoshuō (Chinese Micro Fiction) has become more and more popular among Chinese Internet users. Due to its extreme brevity, it satisfies cyber users’ pleasure of reading within an extremely short concentration span. Its strict word count also makes it possible to be spread around via short messages of all kinds of cyber media.

I’d like to introduce one awarded flash story in the third Best Micro Fiction Award competition by Sina.com (新浪微小说大赛 Xīnlàng wēi xiǎoshuō dà sài) last year. The limit of word count for the submitted work was 140 characters. This piece was written in simple sentence patterns and limited vocabulary. I believe it is good for Learn Chinese reading practice. Hope you enjoy …

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[simplified Chinese]









“ zhège zuànjiè de míngzi jiào‘ yǒnghéng’, nàge fěicuì de jiào‘ línglóng’, háiyǒu nàge jiào。。。 nàge jiào。。。”

“ lǎobǎn, nǐ duì zhèxiē jièzhi zhème liǎojiě, nà nǐ shǒu shàng de jièzhi yě bù piányi ba?”

“ zhège ā, tiě de, lǎopó sòng de, dài le sān shí nián, míngzi jiàozuò‘ qǔ bù xiàlai’。”



Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Mandarin Pinyin English Definition
戒指 戒指 jie4 zhi5 (finger) ring
钻戒 鑽戒 zuan4 jie4 diamond ring
永恒 永恆 yong3 heng2 eternal; eternity
翡翠 翡翠 fei3 cui4 jade; emerald
玲珑 玲瓏 ling2 long2 exquisite; detailed and fine
老板 老闆 lao3 ban3 boss
了解 瞭解 liao3 jie3 to understand; to know
便宜 便宜 pián yi cheap
tie3 iron
老婆 老婆 lao3 po2 (informal) wife;
song4 to give (as a present)
dai4 to wear (jewelry)
qu3 to take; to get

[traditional Chinese]







[English translation]

The Ring


“The name of this diamond ring is ‘Forever’, that emerald ring is called ‘Elegance’. And the one over there is called … the other one is called … “

“Boss, since you know so much about rings, I bet the ring you’re wearing is no ordinary piece?”

“Aw this one, it’s made of iron, from my wife. I’ve been wearing it for thirty years, its name is ‘Unremovable’.”


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4 Responses to “Best Micro Fiction Award from Sina: flash story 戒指 [The Ring] (Elementary)”

  1. nothing

    Kai Carver:

    11-25-2014 2:37 pm

    Nice one! Short is good. And I feel so cool having read an award-winning Chinese work of fiction :)

    Small correction: in the traditional Chinese version, you write 叁十年 but I think 三十年 would be better.


    • nothing

      Grace Feng:

      11-29-2014 5:34 am

      Hi Kai, that’s very good advice!

      Looks like most traditional Chinese dictionaries are using “三” instead of “叁”. I’ve got it corrected.




  2. nothing


    12-19-2014 5:27 pm

    便宜 If we are using this word in the sense of cheap, then should not the pinyin be pian2 yi2 ? You instead list the variant bian4 yi2 in the vocabulary list.

    Correct me if I am wrong.



    • nothing

      Grace Feng:

      12-24-2014 4:44 am

      Hi Anand, you’re absolutely right!

      The correct pinyin for 便宜 should be piányi. It’s now corrected.

      Thank you!



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