An expression in Chinese 安于现状 defines an attitude towards life

Posted by Grace Feng on March 8, 2012

expression in Chinese 安于现状Overall, Chinese culture promotes the spirit of challenge from self development perspective. It’s almost every Chinese parent’s motto to teach their child to keep seeking challenge instead of sitting on what has been granted. That being said, accepting what was granted and be happily satisfied might not be a bad choice either. Many Chinese would agree with that too.

Therefore, this expression in Chinese 安于现状 (ān yú xiàn zhuàng) can be used both in a positive way or a negative way. All depends on the context you’ll put it into. Literally this Chinese idiom can be translated as “to be happy with the status quo”. It is mostly used to describe an attitude towards life.

Let’s have a look at it’s usage in a positive way:

wǒ shì gè ānyúxiànzhuàng de rén, wǒ duì zhuīqiú mínglì méiyǒu duōshao xìngqù.


I’m peaceful with what I’ve got so far, I don’t want to fight my way up in this area.

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Or in a negative way:

tā de tàitai zǒngshì mányuàn tā tài ānyúxiànzhuàng, bù qiú jìnqǔ.

他的太太总是埋怨他太安于现状, 不求进取.

He’s always so peaceful with what he guf? He definitely needs some motive to be more active.

[mp3j track=”an-yu-xian-zhuang-e2.mp3″]

What kind of person you are? Are you a 安于现状的 person? Or the opposite?


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      Barry, 谢谢你的理解. 我的生活确实很忙.很多post 都是在上下班的火车上用playbook 写的. 晚上入睡前再整理发布.

      不过我很喜欢做这件事, 所以辛苦也觉得很值得. 只是我没有太多的时间为这个blog做宣传.我很希望有更多想学中文的人能知道它. 这样我就能帮到更多的人, 你说呢?

      如果你知道有想学中文的人,请告诉他们这个网址. 谢谢!

      你用”安于现状”造的句子很好. 如果有机会说中文也尽量去用它. 这样很快它就变成你自己的词汇了. :-)



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        Hi Grace,
        I know it is very hard to write a post everyday!! There is a website called socialmandarin, you can go on and do the link exchange with it and you can submit your post’s url. You will have a lot of new readers. Take care and happy blogging.


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          Wow, that’s very good tip, Shu. I’ve never heard of it.

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