Amazing commercial in Chinese – If Our Earth is a 100-people Village!

Posted by Grace Feng on March 31, 2012

Our earth is loaded with 6.3 billion people. It’s not an easy job to understand what our world look like based on numbers in millions or billions. In this commercial, the world will be presented to us by scaling down to 100 people. You’ll be amazed by the facts that you might not have known before. At the same time, it’s a practice for you to learn Chinese online as well.

There’s no voice narrative for this commercial, only Chinese captions on top of background pictures and music. Chinese learners at intermediate and higher levels, they should be able to understand most of the content. For Chinese beginners, please refer to my English translation below the video.

Once you’re done watching, please let me know whether you think you’re a lucky person :-) Thanks…

jiǎrú dìqiú shì yī gè100 rén de cūnzhuāng


If If Our Earth is a 100-people Village


There are 6.3 billion people living on the earth

If we scale it down to a 100-people village, what it will look like

Among the 100 people

61 are asian

13 are North and South American

13 are African

12 come from Europe

the rest 1 live in South Pacific

48 are men

52 are women

47 live in the city

9 are disabled

30 are children

70 are adults

The rest 7 are elderly

90 are heterosexual

10 are homosexual

33 are Christian

18 are Muslims

14 are Hindu people

6 are buddhists

16 with no religion

still 13 belong to other religions

17 among the 100 people speak Chinese

9 speak English

8 speak Hindi

6 speak Spanish

6 speak Russian

4 speak Arabian

The other half speak Mogolian, Portuguees, Indonesian, Japanese, German, French, Korean and other various languages

In this village of a variety of people, the most important thing is to learn to understand people that are different from yourself, to accept the way they are


20 among the 100 are malnutrictous

1 is dying of hunger

still another 15 are over weighted

43 live in zero hygiene environment

18 even can’t drink clean water

6 own 59% fortune of the whole village

79 have the other 39% fortune

the rest 20 share the last 2%

20 are using 80% energy of the whole village

80 share the rest 20%

If you have savings, you are among the top 30 richest people

If you have a car, you are among the top 7 richest people

On the contrary, there are 18 survive each day on 5 Yuan money

The other slightly better 53 could just spend 10 Yuan to go through a whole day

12 have computers

only 3 can get on the Internet

7 graduated from high school

1 graduated from university

but there are 14 can’t read or write at all

If you have a fridge to store your food

have a cabinet to hang up your clothes

and a bed to sleep

a house with a roof to protect you from wind and rain

you’re richer that the rest 75% people in the world

If you aren’t living every minute in terror due to air attack, bombarding and landmine

also equipped gang-raping and kidnaping

you’re blessed than the 20 actually are

If you aren’t likely to be cruelly treated, captured and tortured

you’re not afraid to be killed

you even can talk and behave on your own beliefs and will

you’re blessed than the rest 48 people

There will be 1 person died in the village each year

however due to two newborns, there will be 101 people in the village next year

If you’re watching this you’re a happy person

because not only someone is thinking about you, even let you to look at this

but also you can read what you see

The reason you should be happier than this is

you’re still alive

The you that are living on this beautiful earth

should be grateful for all that you have

enjoy every bit of your life

cherish every moment of your life

give out more love from the bottom of your heart

The end.


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