All Chinese radicals from “Chinese Radical Show” on one page

Posted by Grace Feng on September 27, 2012

I’m happy to announce that the “Chinese Radical Show” series on JLC is finally wrapped up today!

The total radicals that I’ve introduced through this series are 52. As a matter of fact, the complete list of Chinese radicals are more than that. But I only list the ones that I perceive have the value to be memorized and eventually help you learn new characters with less effort.

It is possible that I might have missed certain “meaning radical ” that worth to be included in the list. By all means, if you find one, let me know. I do appreciate.

So here we go, all the 52 “meaning radicals” in one table.


talk mouth people water knife heart1 heart2 lid
walk meal grass animal box soil fire wood
metal silk wheat bamboo clothes illness money container
women alcohol hair fish hall stone rain body
cold boat ghost bug basket horse father corpse
home leather road hand see cave sun foot
ritual mountain1 mountain2 eye

I’d strongly suggest you to memorize all of them. What you need to memorize? Their shape and meaning, that’s all. It’ll be better if you can write them down on paper while memorizing them. Some readers are using sketching pad to practice online – also a brilliant idea! If you have an iPad, android, or any other touch screen tablet or phone, you can also practice directly with your finger. After all, the goal here is to get familiar with them, the more the better.

For each radical in the table, you can click through to the “Chinese Radical Show” page of that radical to see a bigger picture and check out more details.

In a few days, you’ll see a new series of lessons called “JLC Chinese Character Lesson”. In that lesson series, the homework you’ve done here will increase your efficiency on picking up new characters.

A little explanation of “meaning radicals” here: when I say “meaning radical”, it means these radicals only imply the meaning of the character. They have ZERO connection to the pronunciation of the characters.

You’ll get a better understanding on this when you see “JLC Chinese Character Lesson“.

Now go finish your homework please! :-)

Good night and see you tomorrow, my dear friends!


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8 Responses to “All Chinese radicals from “Chinese Radical Show” on one page”

  1. nothing


    09-27-2012 3:44 pm

    Hi Grace, that’s a neat table you got! I will go through it and see if I can remember all of them…

    looking forward to your new lesson! :-)


    • nothing


      09-27-2012 5:16 pm

      Thanks Megan! Hope you have fun in your study… :-)


  2. nothing


    09-28-2012 11:49 pm

    I’ve found this series really helpful, keep up the great work!!


    • nothing


      09-29-2012 12:33 am

      Thanks Colin! Glad to hear that …

      Stay tuned for the JLC Chinese Character Pro series, it’ll start soon.



  3. nothing


    09-29-2012 10:48 am

    Great work Grace, 辛苦你了!


    • nothing


      09-29-2012 11:41 am



  4. nothing


    11-01-2017 8:37 pm

    您好!Thanks a lot for this excellent work! I was just wondering if do you think it’s important add to this list the radicals: 王 . I’m beginner, and always confuse it with radicals of ‘hand’ and ‘soil’. Thanks, again, for your time.


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