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I am Grace, a native Chinese speaker that grew up in China mainland. I currently live in Toronto, Canada with my family. I have a full time job and a busy life. From time to time, I’d fly back to my hometown in China to visit my parents and relatives.

I’m always happy to see that non-Chinese-speaking people are willing to challenge themselves to learn Chinese. At the same time, it is also entertaining to know that people vote Chinese as one of the hardest languages on earth! The reason it is so much fun to know it is because a whole lot of my Chinese middle school classmates would agree that English is at least 3 times harder than Chinese. :-)

Well, in my opinion, Chinese is not harder than English. But honestly, the way to learn English or Chinese is quite different. You just need to use the right approach to learn the right language, then you’ll progress steady and fast.

This Learn Chinese blog is also a challenge to me. I need to figure out the fastest and easiest way for you to  make progress on your Chinese study through my online lessons and tutorials. I need to work out simple solutions for you to memorize 3500 Chinese characters with less time and high efficiency. I’ll need to build up high-quality audio materials for you to listen and speak. And lots and lots of other good stuff … good FREE stuff…

All you need to do is to spare some time each day on your own schedule to learn Chinese from my blog. If you think it is helpful, please do me a favor by spreading the message out to people who are struggling with their Chinese language. If my blog helped you, it’ll help them too I believe.

The blog covers all learning skills that are needed for learning Chinese. It includes how to read Chinese, how to write Chinese, how to speak Chinese, how to type Chinese, etc.

Please feel free to comment on any posts you read. You can also drop me a question in your comment. I’ll try my best to reply you by the earliest.

Have fun, my friend!






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