A word for the unforgettable – Chinese idiom 刻骨铭心

Posted by Grace Feng on March 27, 2012

A word for the unforgettable - Chinese idiom 刻骨铭心Do you have any memories that you will never forget for your whole lifetime? I bet you do, who don’t? Do you feel that the memories you had has been engraved to your heart and bones? If you do, I bet it has to be some really good ones. :-) do you know that you can express it in Chinese in the same way as I just expressed in English using Chinese idiom 刻骨铭心 kè gǔ míng xīn ?

刻 kè and 铭 míng both means engrave. 骨 gǔ means bone and  xīn means heart. 刻骨铭心 kè gǔ míng xīn as a whole means something that is so deeply embedded to your memory that you won’t forget for your whole lifetime.

Well, of course it is mostly used for memories of love for quite obvious reason – memories of love is always very significant to us. That being said, the idiom can be used on any kind of memories as long as it’s something that you can never forget. It could be a very very bad experience. Or a horrific scene that you’ve encounter. Or just some very touching moment in your life.

I’ll show you some examples to use it :

nà yīcì de jīnglì duì tā láishuō shízài shì kègǔmíngxīn ā! 


That experience was so unforgettable to her!

[mp3j track=”ke-gu-ming-xin-e1.mp3″]


nà duì lǎo fūqī yǒuzhe yī duàn kègǔmíngxīn de àiqíng。


That old couple share an unforgettable love.

[mp3j track=”ke-gu-ming-xin-e2.mp3″]

Have you ever had 刻骨铭心 experience or love? To protect your privacy, my dear friend, you don’t need to leave it in the comment. :-) But try to practice this Chinese idiom with your own experience by reference the above sentence patterns. This way 刻骨铭心 will become really 刻骨铭心 to you. :-)


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